Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Datuk...

A few people have asked me to write again.  Since it is the Hari Raya break, I will try and see how disciplined I can get.

I was having breakfast with SK and her granny.  A mail came through.  SK, I do not know if you realized but i was not concentrating on what you were talking about.  I was just replying in mono syllable. You saw me fidgeting with the iPhone. This was what I wrote. From the breakfast till you let me off at my place.

Dear Datuk,

You need to just ask if you want to get info. A briefing was made on the Saturday when you were not at the meeting. God knows what else each and everyone of us wants to know.

We need people to work on the ground. Each and everyone of us have our hands full. Currently myself and Jack is handling most of the issues at the Condo.  You could also provide your assistance where possible since you are without any portfolio to handle.  Actually you asked to do nothing when the work was distributed out.

We need to work together. Being in the Council means going to the ground and seeing to it that things get moving. And moving it ourselves.  We need to dirty our hands. Not ordering things around. Here we are not bosses but coolly. And we are dealing with human beings.

As for the outstanding that is so huge do sit down and understand where and why it is there.  We started with almost RM1.5m in the red.

It is time we stop finding who inflicted the wound. Instead we should give due attention to the wounded. Instead of asking who shot the arrow maybe you want to get the wounded treated. The perpetrator if they are, will always be caught sooner or later.

I do take offense. It's time we ask ourselves what we have done in this 5 months instead of what the previous Committee has done.  Your words are insinuating that the Committee were lackadaisical. Especially when we don't even know why things are what they are. We have actually done nothing.

I really wanted to click send.  But I knew that the damage could be irreparable. So I held my horses.  I called the bugger and told him that we should sit down and talk. I just want peace and not fights.  There is already too much on my plate to start off with.