Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ortho Fix 2 - No Kissing & Further Weight Loss

I was at the Orthodontist's again a few days back.  There was a cute intern there.  After reclining the seat, he just asked me to open my mouth.  He never asked if he could check my teeth.  He ran his fingers all over my teeth and gums.

The orthodontist then came in.  Two more brackets were fixed onto each of the upper wisdom tooth.  There is hardly any space between the teeth and the inner cheeks.  Now that the brackets are fixed, the hooks are literally brushing against the flesh.  I can feel the scarring on the flesh.  The cheeks are swollen.  I can feel the pain when I touch my cheek.  So no kissing even on the cheeks.

My weight has gone down tremendously.  With the new brackets, I am going to lose more.  The pain, when the hooks brush against the flesh just make me feel so full and I hardly have any appetite to eat.   I don't think I like it this way.  I am sure I am losing some of my muscles too.   I need to do something about it.  I think weights at the gym and protein drink is the way to go. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


I drove to Pavilion again today. I think I have kinda fallen in love with this place.  Ha ha.

They normally wait for their victims at a certain place.  I have seen it so many times that I would not take any chance during the day.  It was almost nine in the evening and the street lights were not working.  It was pretty dim.  They should not be there at this hour.  So I thought.

I swerved into the lane confidently and there they were waiting.  I would normally make allowance for a detour, just in case they were there.  One of them walked to the fast lane, waved and flagged me down.  I was very tempted to just dodge them but my brain would not allow me to.

"Good evening. Where do you want to go? Do you know that you cannot come into this lane?  There is a sign on the board barring you from coming into the lane.  Did you not see it?"  He commented.

He was young, smooth, presentable and cut.  I was really not in a mood. I really despise this type of people. So not my type.  So I told him to write me his love letter.  I think he was still quite wet behind his ears.  He was like without a choice.  Scribbled and scribbled he did.  So this time I got to get my friend to help me.  What an evening.

Suddenly he then told me again that I should not cut into the lane.  That if there was no sign barring me from coming in, he would not have minded.  Ha ha.  Next thing I knew he let me off with a mild warning, "Next time go around.  Don't come straight in."  Since he decided to be nice, I cannot be rude right?  Even though he is so not my type.

I wish him well and we parted ways.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost Boat

I was suppose to be at a steamboat gathering yesterday.  I was looking forward to the event.  After all SK does put in a lot of effort whenever she decides to cook and invite guests over.

Prior to that I met up with a friend.  We had something to bite.  He was going to LCCT later to pick up his friends from Taiwan.  We chat and I discovered that my friend had not booked any rooms for his Taiwan friends.  I told him that it was Saturday and it would be difficult to get rooms.  Most are taken up by visitors and people who need a room after their pick up in the clubs.   I don't think he wants to go looking for rooms from one hotel to the other.

I told him we should go look for the rooms.  Then I will send him to LCCT.  That way it will be a safer bet.  He apologized profusely for troubling me.  Of course there's no problem.  Here is a friend in need.

We managed to find one at BB.  I paid first for the three nights stay for his friends to secure the room.  After that I  sent him to the LCCT.  We arrived at about 8.45pm.  I think that was when I received two text messages that the party has been adjourned to a Kopitiam.  I arrived at about 9.30pm.  Two and a half hour late!!!

Apparently food was good and  I heard that the soup was tasty.  I suppose I shall have to wait for the next invite.

Sorry guys and gal for the delay but I think the good food would have overwhelmed my absence.  The food was just too tasty!

Anyway I am happy that I could help my friend and I would do the same to any other who happens to be in a  situation like this.

My FIrst Jog

I have always wanted to jog in the park. The cardio workout on the gym treadmill is not the same like a jog in the park.  You may be running at higher speed and you may be able to do more distance on the treadmill but you are never able to do the same on the track.  I found this out many years ago during an inter gym relay.

Some friends have been asking me to join them for jogs.  I have always wanted to jog in the park but have since shunned the idea after the gym relay experience.  I was chatting online yesterday with a fellow blogger who jogs regularly.  He gave me some pointers.  I asked if he could accompany me and show me the ropes, especially on the stretching and warm up sessions before the jog.

Time was fixed at 7.30 am today.  It was kind of early for a Sunday.  Furthermore my day only ended around 3.45 am today.  I had approximately three hours of sleep before waking up.  I was really tempted to text my friend and ask for a raincheck.  But I know myself too well.  Always procrastinating and finding excuses.  I told myself I can always come back after that and sleep the whole day through.  Besides I really wanted to run.  I wanted to be able to run on the ground just as well as I could on the treadmill.  I wanted to overcome the barrier.

I arrived at the park on time.  My friend showed me some warm up and stretching techniques which we did together.  Then we started with a brisk walk for approximately two hundred meters.  Then he told me to start running.  I must say that I was a lot more nfident because of his presence.  Just in case anything happened.

I was pleasantly surprised.  There was no strain on the lower limbs.  The track was pretty flat except for a short undulating stretch.  I managed about one and a quarter round around the lake before the sky turned dark.

We decided to call it off and went for breakfast at two different locations. He gave me more pointers based on his observation during my run.

I think this can be addictive.  I look forward to the next jog at the park.

Thanks buddy for your pointers and for watching over me this morning.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weight Loss

When I was in BKK, I arranged for my suits to be altered.  They looked as if I was putting a shawl over me.  The tailor had the big book which he jots down the measurements.  I noted that I first had them tailored in October last year.  Less than a year later, my measurements have really shrunk quite a bit.

The tailor was a little taken aback.   He was mumbling something to his colleague about the weight loss.  I never really realized that I have indeed lost so much in size.  The weight loss was less than six percent but I had lost more than fifteen centimeters in total from all body parts where it matters.  While measuring the crotch area, he remarked in a jest that it had shrunk too.  A little shocked, I asked what the measurement was the last time?  He smiled and remarked that it had not changed.  That would have spelt trouble if it did.  Nice try Mr. Singh!

Just a few days back, a friend whom I have not met for a few months was also very surprised.  He commented, like a new year, I was like a new me!

Yes. I am flattered.

The braces started the trick going.  The weights at the gym workout helped to ensure that there was no muscle loss while the cardio workout helped trim it down further.  I think I am now at my slimmest and fittest.  Of course it can get better and it should.

There are so many choices of clothes to wear now.  It makes me look better and feel better.

That is a sure confidence booster!

BKK Part 3 - Shop sHop ShoP

I never envisage spending so much time and money on shopping.  I think this must be the first time I spent so much in such a short span of time.

Friday was spent at the tailor's.

First stop on a Saturday morning was at "Office".  Got my stuff done and I was off to Chatuchak.  Imagine walking and browsing the market for a good five hours.  Bought some t shirts.  Went back to the tailor's to fit the shirt and pants.  Later in the late evening I was at Silom.  Although I had been to BKK many times, this is the first time I stepped into this district.  Yeah, they are all over the place.  If the guy who sat beside me at the plane was here, he probably would have freaked out.  I walked into a sports shop there and bought a pair of Nike runners, some apparels and an Apple Nike wireless connection for the shoes.  They are much cheaper here because there is a sale.  Never would I have imagined buying these here in BKK.

I went back to Chatuchak again on Sunday.  I saw some A&F t shirts there.  I think they are rejects.  They fit me just nicely.  I tried looking for some Paul Frank for a friend but to no avail.  Bought some foodstuff, essential oils and massage oils for a friend.  This time I managed to get out of the market earlier.  I went back to the tailor's again to collect the clothes.  Very nice and they fit well.  I think the price was really cheap for the material used.  I was really pleased.  Since I was carrying so much things, I took a cab back to the hotel.

Showered.  Got out again and this time for a massage.  Nice quaint and clean place which had just opened for business two months ago.  Had a very good session.  Then it was off again for window shopping at Emporium.  Chinatown was next on the list.  Many shops were closed as it was Sunday.  The last stop was again at Silom.  I went for another round of massage.  The massage was good but the moment I declined a menu special, the mood changed.  So did the massage strokes.

Late Monday morning was spent looking for black glutinous rice.  Managed to find it after some running around.  Bought some green and red curry paste too.  I went back to the quaint shop for another round of massage.  Stopped by at Siam Paragon.  The supermarket and food court was really big and classy.  Bought some Nike apparels there.  Took the sky train to Central Chidlom. Bought three pairs of Energie jeans which I had always wanted to but never went on sale in KL.  This time there was a big discount.  It still burnt a hole in the pocket though.  I also bought a pair of dress shoes which was really soft and comfortable.  Together with the BB wallet, I had already spent what could be a month's salary.  All in a matter of less than three hours.

I remember telling Savante on FB that I would probably just be working out at the hotel gym and blogging while in BKK.  It never happened.

Now I think I will freak out when the credit card bill arrives!

ps. Part of this post was written on the last night in BKK.  The rest was in KL.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BKK Part 2 - Cheapskate

After freshening up, my first and only stop for the day was at the tailor's.  I wanted to get some pants sewn and I needed to alter my suits badly.

I intended to sew two pairs of pants and a shirt.  Just to try them out.  They have suited me but I have never tailored made my pants and shirts.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so.

The staff at the shop sure know how to do business.  They were telling me to sew more.  I did not want to.  They then started showing me the odds and end cloth pieces.  I know that they normally have leftover cloth  enough for just a pair of pants.  These type of cloth are cheap because they are odd pieces.  There were some really nice pieces.  Cashmere wool.  Soft.  One touch, you will know that these are real stuff. 

So instead of two pairs it became four pairs.  One piece became three pieces. They are a steal for the price I got.

 Always on the look out for good bargains.  That is just so me. 

ps.  I am blogging from the hotel lobby because the wifi is free.  The room internet cost RM50 a day!

BKK Part 1-Just Plain Naive!

I waited at the gate of the departure hall.  Normally I will stand and wait for them to call for boarding.  Since this was a BKK flight, I could not help but scan those sitting down waiting at the same boarding gate.

When I turned to my right there was this cool looking guy standing just beside me.  I noticed. He was wearing an A&F t shirt.  He has a young look but from a certain angle you would notice that he is at least in his early 30s.  Short hair, fair skin, bespectacled and probably straight except for the t shirt brand.  Next I saw two young couples sitting at the front row of the boarding gate, one straight the other queer.  They were a group.  The queer ones you can pick them out almost instantaneously.  They just have to make a statement with their clothing, actions or demeanor.

The plane was carrying a full load except for maybe one or two empty seats.  The one next to mine was empty.  Up in the air, the disembarkation form was handed out.  The person at the aisle seat was the straight guy in the group I mentioned earlier.

He was not sure how to fill up the form.  I helped him out.  From his family name I know that he is a Foochow.  This guy speaks good English without the East Malaysian slang.  He cannot be from East Malaysia then, so I thought.  I was wrong.  We chat.  He hails from Sibu.  He has never been to BKK.  I did not ask but I don't think he has ever been on a plane.

One part of the conversation went as follows:

Me:  First time to BKK?
Him: Yes.  With my wife and her brother and his friend.
Me:  You'll like it there.
Him: I a bit scared.  I heard there are a lot of gays there.
Me: What? (I thought I heard him wrong.)
Him: I heard there are a lot of gay people in BKK.  I am scared.
Me: They are all over. 
Him: What?!  They are all over on the streets?
Me: No.  I mean you can find them everywhere.  Even in KL and Sibu.
Me: Why are you afraid of them?
Him: I don't know la.


Me:  That is your wife? (pointing to the gal sitting on the other side of the aisle)
Him: Yes.
Me:  And the other two? (gesturing at the queer couple)
Him: Oh.  That is her brother and the other one is his friend.
Him: They always come to BKK. They will be able to show us around.  
Me:  I see. 
Me:  Don't you know that they are gay?  That they are a couple?  
Me: Can't you see that? 
Me: Aren't you afraid of  your brother in law?
Me: Do you know that you are talking to one right now?

He was just very naive.  He really is.  As the plane approached the ground, he was so astonished with the scenery from the aircraft.  When the plane was GST taxing into the parking apron, he was going wow wow over everything on the ground.

I am sure he is not judgmental, just plain naive.

It was just hilarious!