Saturday, August 14, 2010

BKK Part 2 - Cheapskate

After freshening up, my first and only stop for the day was at the tailor's.  I wanted to get some pants sewn and I needed to alter my suits badly.

I intended to sew two pairs of pants and a shirt.  Just to try them out.  They have suited me but I have never tailored made my pants and shirts.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so.

The staff at the shop sure know how to do business.  They were telling me to sew more.  I did not want to.  They then started showing me the odds and end cloth pieces.  I know that they normally have leftover cloth  enough for just a pair of pants.  These type of cloth are cheap because they are odd pieces.  There were some really nice pieces.  Cashmere wool.  Soft.  One touch, you will know that these are real stuff. 

So instead of two pairs it became four pairs.  One piece became three pieces. They are a steal for the price I got.

 Always on the look out for good bargains.  That is just so me. 

ps.  I am blogging from the hotel lobby because the wifi is free.  The room internet cost RM50 a day!


nicky05 said...

you can afford to buy cashmere.

Skyhawk said...

If the deal in irresistible, go for it. Enjoy your trip in BKK.

savante said...

Nothing like BKK for a great bargain :)

William said...

Tailor some silk boxers while you're there. :P

Legolas said...

Definitely going back there again.

carpe diem said...

nicky05...It was cheap. They were odds and ends pieces.

Skyhawk... Sure is. Thanks.

Savante...Never really realized that until this trip.

William...You want one? Let me know your size :)

Legolas...Yes. You must go back there.