Saturday, August 14, 2010

BKK Part 1-Just Plain Naive!

I waited at the gate of the departure hall.  Normally I will stand and wait for them to call for boarding.  Since this was a BKK flight, I could not help but scan those sitting down waiting at the same boarding gate.

When I turned to my right there was this cool looking guy standing just beside me.  I noticed. He was wearing an A&F t shirt.  He has a young look but from a certain angle you would notice that he is at least in his early 30s.  Short hair, fair skin, bespectacled and probably straight except for the t shirt brand.  Next I saw two young couples sitting at the front row of the boarding gate, one straight the other queer.  They were a group.  The queer ones you can pick them out almost instantaneously.  They just have to make a statement with their clothing, actions or demeanor.

The plane was carrying a full load except for maybe one or two empty seats.  The one next to mine was empty.  Up in the air, the disembarkation form was handed out.  The person at the aisle seat was the straight guy in the group I mentioned earlier.

He was not sure how to fill up the form.  I helped him out.  From his family name I know that he is a Foochow.  This guy speaks good English without the East Malaysian slang.  He cannot be from East Malaysia then, so I thought.  I was wrong.  We chat.  He hails from Sibu.  He has never been to BKK.  I did not ask but I don't think he has ever been on a plane.

One part of the conversation went as follows:

Me:  First time to BKK?
Him: Yes.  With my wife and her brother and his friend.
Me:  You'll like it there.
Him: I a bit scared.  I heard there are a lot of gays there.
Me: What? (I thought I heard him wrong.)
Him: I heard there are a lot of gay people in BKK.  I am scared.
Me: They are all over. 
Him: What?!  They are all over on the streets?
Me: No.  I mean you can find them everywhere.  Even in KL and Sibu.
Me: Why are you afraid of them?
Him: I don't know la.


Me:  That is your wife? (pointing to the gal sitting on the other side of the aisle)
Him: Yes.
Me:  And the other two? (gesturing at the queer couple)
Him: Oh.  That is her brother and the other one is his friend.
Him: They always come to BKK. They will be able to show us around.  
Me:  I see. 
Me:  Don't you know that they are gay?  That they are a couple?  
Me: Can't you see that? 
Me: Aren't you afraid of  your brother in law?
Me: Do you know that you are talking to one right now?

He was just very naive.  He really is.  As the plane approached the ground, he was so astonished with the scenery from the aircraft.  When the plane was GST taxing into the parking apron, he was going wow wow over everything on the ground.

I am sure he is not judgmental, just plain naive.

It was just hilarious!


子扬 said...


That was soooo funny.

and ironic

nicky05 said...

first time taking a flight.

Skyhawk said...

I was laughing out really loud when reading the conversation part esp the intended-deleted ones! Cute!

Ultraman Jino said...

naive? make him a man, please...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot