Friday, October 29, 2010


I have not slept since the previous night.  It was like I was on call.  Forty eight hours in a stretch.

I finally managed to get hold of William's collection.  I have never got a chance to watch it before.  So I was excited and naturally the movie session got a little stretched.  By the time I wanted to sleep, it was a little too late.  I was afraid I would oversleep.   I was on an overdrive after the many sequels.  So I was pretty awake and perked up!

At six in the morning, I drove to my mum's place to fetch her for her blood test.  It was a pleasant trip even though traffic was slowly building up.  I arrived at the facility just past seven in the morning.  The traffic condition has never been this good before.   By half past seven, all was done and we were on our way back home. 

I envisage a stress free journey home.  No traffic jam.  We were going against traffic.  I was so wrong. 

It took two hours plus for what would have been at worst, a forty five minute journey.  The bumper to bumper crawl was like an evening after work traffic crawl.  I could not believe what came out from my mouth, "How can you all stay at a place like that".   I thought that was a little curt.  But I was totally stressed out.

I have not been caught in a crawl like that for a long long time.  I am sure a lot of my brain cells were fried today.  In the car I was thinking to myself what has this nation become.  Compared to our neighbours down south and some other countries, we are like pawns.  We completely are unable to chart our destiny because of the morons.

Monday, October 25, 2010

DKNY Fashion Music Part 2

The fashion show was an experience for me.  I have never been to one like this.  The models were really tall.  The ladies had heels of almost at lest ten inches. The guys were really hunky.  Some had Pan Asian looks.  Sitting at the runway watching the real stuff was watching on TV.  Imagine them walking right pass you!  That you are sitting and they are walking on the runway made them incredibly tall.  Their posture was upright and their struts were swift and confident.  Awesome.

I was really unprepared for this.  This would have been a perfect scene for taking pictures.  What more with the models wallking right up to me.  All I had was my handphone and iPhone camera.  I tried unsuccesfully to snap some pictures.  Their struts were too fast for the camera speed.

I did manage to take some pictures of the usherers and attendants.  They were dressed as pilots and First Officers. 
After the show I managed to take some pictures of the models who sportingly posed with some of the crowd.

Well, that is the best the cameras can do in the dark.  I really wished I had a DSLR with me.  That would have made a whole lot of difference.

The parting gift was a DKNY perfume.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DKNY Fashion Music Part 1

A friend could  not make it and passed me the invitation.   I was reluctant to go.  The invitation admits one person only.  I am reminded of some of the pictures I see from magazines like Prestige.  I really don't feel comfortable in those crowd.  I never feel comfortable in crowds what more in those type of crowds.  Besides I am alone without company.  At 7.35pm, I dressed up and forced myself to go.  I didn't know how to explain to my friend if he asked how the show was. It was held at the TUDM Museum. 
I arrived just on time before 8.00pm.  The parking bays were already filled up and I had to use the valet.  Luckily there was no charge.  Then I took a short walk past the planes to the museum.  I am amazed that the authorities actually allowed them to use the hangar for the show.  These places are normally out of bounds and your identity will have to be vet through before you are allowed into the compound.

I was ushered to a seat.  Finger food and drinks were served.   The airconditioner was blowing very strong.  It was really cold.  I could see many well dressed people there.  The crowd started swelling as the night went by and it was not past 9.00pm before the show started.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Dream Into Reality?

I have never had dreams for as long as I can remember.  Even if I did, I would not be able to remember it when I awaken.  This time it is different altogether.  I want to pen it here to see if indeed it shall come true.  It is about a meeting with a FB friend.  He actually exists, is on my FB and I have chat with him before.  So far the chat has been short.  He is currently either busy, not interested or has an indifferent attitude towards me.   I do hope to get to know him better.  His current status is single.  This is how the dream went:

I bumped into him.  I know him from the pictures on FB.  He faintly remembers me.  He only remembers after I prompted him that I have emailed him my pictures.  We exchanged pleasantries.  I gave him a lift home.  Home is where he shares with his housemates.  We arrived at his home.  I was invited in and introduced to the rest of his mates.  I suspect one of them is his beau.

I helped out with some chores at the kitchen.  His mates came by and started chatting with me.  Most were sort of interrogating me in a casual manner.  I sensed that.  This went on for a while.  The friend was not there.  He was cleaning up and taking a shower, I suppose.

There was this one mate, whom I believe is his beau, who was pretty suspicious of me.  I could see both, the friend and his mate bantering lightly over some issues.  The friend was trying to pacify him whilst I was still being interrogated. 

The friend and his mates then started packing for an outing.  I bade the friend and his mates goodbye.  The friend followed me out to the porch.  Suddenly, he held out his arms and wrapped them around me, hugging me tightly for a good ten over seconds.  I remember vividly him clutching me again before letting go.  His last parting words were that he shall see me soon.

The significance of this dream is that I do not remember many of my dreams.  Those that I remember has always come true.  The friend's attitude towards me has thus far; at  best, been luke warm.  In the dream, the reverse was happening.

Let's see if things turn out like what is dreamt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was chatting with a friend in a car yesterday.  He asked me how I got to know his junior.  I told my friend that his junior asked to add him in my FB.  He inquired further how the junior knows me. Well, probably it is because you are on my FB.  That is the only logical link I can think of.   I then reassured my friend I would never out him to anyone.  For one, I never write anything on my friend's wall.  Our friendship is just a little different.

I had the opportunity to chat with someone recently.  He was surprised that I have not talked to anyone or others about him yet.  He and I know that a lot of people would like to get to know him better.  Yes.  I do not talk about you to others because it is not my business to.  I told him unless he specifically asks me or wants me too, I would never.  It may amount to outting someone.

I chat with a friend's other half recently.  I found out that we met a long time ago.  Just a meet and chat, nothing more.  So please don't get excited.   I wrote a post on the blog about him.  I actually sent the post over to him for permission before publishing it.

Many times I am privy to information which are deemed sensitive and private.  Maybe my demeanor and character leaves people with the impression that I am trustworthy.  The truth is left to be seen with the passing of time.  I ain't no saint.  That much I shall divulge.  BUT, it is my principle to always maintain the privacy and confidence of my peers, friends and acquaintances.  It actually is none of no body's business.  Especially in a world where gossips spread like wild fire.  Before you know it, the whole story would be distorted and the truth become twisted.  What other people do with their life is their own business.

I have been outted many times.  I did not get a chance to decide if I wanted to let the other party know who and what I am.  I don't like that at all.  Many a times, I do not know who the other party is.  So it is like not knowing who I am being naked to.

So that speaks so much of why I am engage my brain more than my mouth.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My First TIme

From left, clockwise: Savoury Fruit & Nut Basmathi Rice; Indian Grilled Spice Chicken; Curried Eggs.

Saturday was the first time I attended a potluck gathering for a fellow blogger's birthday. William's to be exact.

I cooked three dishes. A savoury fruit and nut basmathi rice, Indian grilled spice chicken and curried eggs. Except for the rice, the other two dishes were my first try. This time I followed the recipes to the last dot. There was no time to explore and there certainly was no margin for error.

The dishes were a little bland for my taste buds, I thought. The aroma was there but the "umph" was missing. However one food blogger said it was just right. Maybe it is because I am so used to eating spicy and heavy stuff. I have decided to increase the spice content by a notch should I cook these dishes again.

This is also the first time I put up pictures on my blog. Hopefully there will be more to come.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What A Day!!!

Friday started as usual.  Cleaning is always done in the morning.  The cleaners arrived a little late.  I wanted to meet some bloggers for lunch but could not because the contractor was coming at two thereabouts in the afternoon.  So I decided to make some preparation for the gathering on Saturday.  Past three and there was still no sight of the contractor.  I tried calling to no avail.  Still called late in the evening but no response.  This is so unlike of him!

I left home at three ish to beat the closing of the bank.  Thereafter to pay for my car spare parts.  As it was already late, the roads had already started swelling with traffic.  I got caught in a bumper to bumper crawl on the way back.  A really wasted day waiting for the contractor.  Sometimes I just do not understand people.  What is so wrong with telling me that you cannot make the appointment?  That would have saved my day!  Now almost the whole day is ruined.  Luckily I had some preparation work to do for the gathering.

The evening was uneventful.  I went to MV to get some condiments that was still missing for my preparation.  I went to Bangsar.  Waited for a friend to call.  I am suppose to meet him before he leaves for the States.  I decided to have nasi lemak while waiting.  A beggar came by.  He was limping and using a four legged device to help him walk.  Since I was the only odd one out, I decided to partake in the ritual, so as not to give the rest the wrong impression that we are not caring people.  Stupid of me.  When the beggar walked away, I noticed the size of his deformed leg.  It was the same size as the good one.  Obviously he can walk alright.  I am sure he will have a lot to answer come judgement day.

The friend called.  I met him and  passed him some USD.  He is to get me some A&F t-shirts from the States.

Another friend called to get some information on afternoon tea at a hotel.  I offered to lend him two dining cards.  I met him briefly to pass him the cards.  His friends from overseas is in town.  I told him to call me when he is done.  I offered to fetch him home because it will be very late then.

Past one in the morning, he texted me.  I drove downtown to fetch him.  While waiting for him, the cops in a patrol car came by.  In Malay language:
Cop : It is dangerous to park here.
Me  : I am just waiting for a friend.  There is no where else to wait.
Cop : Who are you waiting for?  Can I have a look at your IC?
Me  : A friend.  (I passed him my IC and Driver's Licence.)
Cop : Please wait a while.
         (He took my documents and passed it to his colleague.
         The other colleague started dialing his handphone.
         Obviously there is no laptop in their vehicle.
         They are now asking HQ to check me.)
         Please drive pass the patrol car and park there.

My friend came down and entered the car.  I was telling him how much I dislike these people.  The cops should not probe me.  My looks, the proper car I am driving and the sticker on the windscreen all did not help.  They are obviously on a fishing expedition.  I was telling my friend how I am going to get them if they try to be funny with  me.  Save for the traffic summons I am clean.  Seeing my friend getting up the car, the cop came again to me again and asked:
Cop: Who is he?
Me  : My friend.
Cop : Oh yea?  He looks like you.
Me  : He is my friend.

I think my friend was a little taken aback.  For the first time he saw how irritated I was.  He probably found out my ability to color my speech with those four letter words.  Yes.  I really hate people who try to get something for nothing.  Always trying to take the easy way out and throw their weight around.  After about twenty minutes, the cop came and gave me back my documents.

On hindsight, I think the cops thought that I was a pimp waiting to pick the gal up after finishing her tour of duty.                                                                                                                                                        

I drove off.  There was a police road block two kilometers ahead.  All the cars in front of me were let off.  When my turn arrived, he stopped me and asked me to wind down my window.
Cop:  Good morning where are you from and where are you going?
Me  : From KL and going home.
Cop : Where is home?
Me  : (Told him where I lived.)
Cop: Did you drink?
Me  : No I don't drink.  (He put his face closer towards the car window.
         I felt like blowing my breath right into his face.
         I decided not to because it would then make my night a very very long one.)

From the cock up by the contractor to the encounter with the cops, Friday was not a good day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's A Small Small World

Early this year I met two persons who turned out to be bloggers later on.  I have even got to know one of his other half before meeting the blogger.  From the FB I have also bummed into quite a number of people whom I have known, met and come into contact with.  They are discreet but I am pretty sure all are one of us.  I am also bracing myself to meet up with a person whom I know his mum!  Let's just say that the meeting will be unavoidable.

Somewhere last week, I emailed an acquaintance, A,  for his contact number.  We have not chat before save for some emails and comments left on the cyberspace here and there.  We finally exchanged contact numbers and I hope to one day meet him up in the not too distant future.

On the same day about the same time, I received a call from a long lost friend. I answered but there was no reply from the other end.  He is suppose to be based in Hong Kong now but comes back occasionally.  I tagged him on my phone book as X.  Since there were a few with the same name, I tagged his condo name with him.  The mobile line went dead.

The next thing I knew, I received a text message from him.  "Hey, I am A's friend.  I have been reading your blog.  Your contact number looks familiar.  Have we met before?"

I have never told X who and what I am.  So this time it looks like I have outted myself!  I felt a little numbed.  But at the back of my mind I know that X is a good  person.  So what he has been suspecting all this while has been confirmed.

"U are X right?  Can I know if u stay in T?  Sorry yea cos I need to confirm if I get you right.  And whatever happened in the past let it be in the past k. Let us just keep it that way." I said.  At that time, X tried many ways, phrasing his questions so as to find out who I am.  I have thus far until now been able to skirt his million dollar question.  My demeanor makes it a little wee too difficult for anyone to guess who I am.  Now he knows, so I thought.

I have helped X before on many occasions.  I have helped him with many physios before.  Some of the occasions have been a little awkward.  Nothing untoward happened by the way.  Now that I know A, I do not want to complicate things or explain to A.  Worse still if A starts to think outside the box and let his imagination run wild, when in actual fact there is none to think of.  It is never my policy to create chaos in other people's relationship.  I always make sure that I m never the cause.  That would be very bad karma.  

"We must have met a long time ago.  I no longer use that name, X.  What is T, where is T?  I have never heard of that place before." X said.  Of course you no longer use the name X.  I already know from A that you are now called Y. 

Now I am a little confused.  I must have tagged the name wrongly.  Who is this bloke?  I have his contact number.  He has mine.  Out of the blue, he texted me and introduce himself as A's friend!!!  My mind tried to reconcile and recollect.  I could not make anything out of it.

Y was nice and kind enough.  He was patient with me.  I still did not let out who I am.  I asked for his FB account, added him and texted him back that I have added him.  I saw from FB how he looked like.  But I have never met this person before!  How on earth does he have my contact number?  I must have compromised my screening protocol then.

He texted me telling me that he cannot recollect who I am either.  There is no picture for him to view.  I was busy and did not reply.  He was really courteous.  I am the faceless guy and normally people do not take this  too kindly.  He asked if I could recollect how we met.  Or did we ever meet up.  I told him I could not recall at all.  I told him that I would MMS him my pictures later which I subsequently did.  Many many hours later.

Y then asked if I was such and such a person.  He mentioned that we could have met at MV before.  That would have been at least eight years ago?  Incidentally I have been wanting to find a person with the initial MW.  (I have recently added a person whom I thought was him.)  But I do not recall meeting a person like whom I saw on the FB pictures. Y also cannot recall from my pictures if he met me up before.

The meeting in MV and both of us having each others' contact numbers were the only clues and point of reference.  I looked through the Y's old pictures in FB.  I now recollect.  Yes, indeed I have met Y before.  Briefly.  The duckling has transformed into a swan.  The young nerdy person is now a very confident hot and good looking cheery handsome bloke who looks younger than his age!  Plus this guy has no air.  At least not yet.  Now I know why A brags so much about Y! 

This is indeed a small small world!  I never thought that I would meet Y again.   What a funny way to rekindle the friendship!

I wish the both of you all the best and an everlasting love.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Are You Still Single?

I have this neighbour on my floor which has suffered a stroke before. He normally is accompanied by a family member when he moves around.   Occasionally I would bum into him and his family in the lift.  He knows I am single.  He has asked more than one time.  One day months back:

Him: You are still single?
Me:  I nodded my head.
Him: Do you know that it is a joy to have a family? What are you waiting for?
        Look at my son, (pointing to his now twenty something year old son).  
        It is so good to have them around.
Me: I kept quiet and let out a smile.

That is just me.  I just did not want to create a scene or stir the hornets nest, so to speak.  I can always walk away quietly but still be victorious.

Two days back, I again bum into him with his son.  The same question were being asked.  I kept quiet and looked disinterested in participating in the conversation.   We entered the lift car and I sort of waited for him to ambush me again.  There were two other strangers in the lift car.  In my head I wondered how am I going to straighten him up if he continues where he left before entering the lift car.    He kept his mouth shut this time around.

Why is it that people think that procreation  is the only way for human to evolve? Why is it that they think it as a necessary phase of life which all must go through?  We are living in this age where core family values have eroded such that closely knit family units are so alien to many.  Divorces and separations are so common.  Go and sit in a family court one day and see how many couples are there to annul their marriage.  All for a simple reason - non compatibility.

Great, if we can have a family and procreate like what is the norm.  However, that is certainly not the only available way where we can be happy and live a fulfilled life.  Some day down the road, I am sure I will be happy and joyous too.

Pain Pain Pain

Two weeks back, I could feel a poky sensation on my left knee.  Sometimes I could feel a sharp pain.  I think it must be due to the jogging.  Maybe I did not warm up properly.  Maybe my left knee is weak.  I resorted to applying a cream.  A blend of Cetyl Myristoleate and fatty acid esters to lubricate and hydrate the knee.  On top of that I am taking a course of glucosamine hydrocloride with condrotin sulfate, devils claw and sharks cartilage, all in one.  I put on a knee guard and continued with my runs.

Somewhere early this week I felt pain on my right leg.  I think it is my right extensor digitorum longus muscle.  When I tip-toe I could feel the pain.  I am sure this is because I did not warm up properly before the jog.  Now I can even feel the pressure if I walk briskly.

The visit to the orthodontist this time saw him changing the wires of the lower teeth to a thicker one.  I can feel the pressure as he proceeded to tighten the wires on the bracket.  The first meal after the adjustment was a little uncomfortable.  The uncomfortable feeling grew by the next meal.  Now I can feel the pressure even if I am not eating.  Merely biting the teeth from the upper and lower jaw together will yield the effect.  It feels like the teeth is about to come off the gums.  I am sure you have felt the numbness and pressure of your teeth when you are heaty.  The feeling when your teeth moves a little when you are heaty.  This is how I feel now.  The only difference is that I can feel it on almost all the teeth!

So it has been pain and more pain for the last ten days.

ps. The pain on the knee has subsided.  The pressure and muscle pull at the right leg is also subsiding.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nine Months Later

Those who hang around me know that I go for bargains.  Call me cheapskate if you want for I care not.  I don't print money and they don't just fall down from the sky!  I am skewed towards the stingy end.  From food to clothing to just about everything that I want to grab hold of, almost all the time, I buy only when there is a sale.  Love and relationships excepted always.

Feeling a little itchy, I went house shopping.  I managed to find a condominium unit going for a 20% discount to the market rate.  I checked the place out and it was alright actually.  The owner has emigrated to Australia and did not know that the price has actually risen. The potential for capital appreciation is very high because the condominium is undergoing upgrading works.   Maybe luck was on my side.  That was nine months ago.

Weeks after the vendor signed the offer to purchase, the whole transaction seemed moving at a crawling pace.  Later it became obvious that she, in cohorts with her solicitor, also a she, was trying all ways and means to frustrate the transaction.   Clauses which cannot be complied were put in place.  Absurd time frames were drafted into the agreement. My solicitor was so upset.  I have never seen this normally very sober person say "That's why I really don't like to deal with these b@#*!s"  The agreement was such that I definitely would have my down payment forfeited unless I paid cash for it.

My solicitor then asked to deal directly with the principal of the firm.  Initially the agreement seemed to be making some headway.  Soon the whole agreement was redrafted.  Alarm bells were ringing.  Whatever the other party could not explain, they claim that it was industry practice or standard.  Drafts after drafts were emailed to and fro between the solicitors.

When the other party finally realized that I was not going to back out of the deal, they decided to abort the sale.  Among reasons cited were sections in the agreement which they could not agree upon.  But those were the clauses they themselves put in!!!  I think the vendor has now realized that she sold her property at a discount.  Furthermore, the price has now appreciated by 40% compared to the agreed selling price! Now I am going to have debt consolidation for the house loan

My solicitor then told me the only way out was to agree with them.  In totality.  Let the vendor have all she wants.  Their way.  If the vendor then still do not want to sell, we are going to compel her to sell based on specific performance.  Never mind that the Sale and Purchase Agreement has not been signed.  There is already a contractual obligation based on the Offer to Purchase which was duly signed and the earnest deposit had already been accepted by the vendor.

Almost nine months later.  About the same duration it would take for the sperm to swim to the egg, fertilize it and form a zygote till the birth of a child, the vendor finally agreed to sell.  Her solicitor must have told her where we are coming from.  She must have been advised what would happen if she tries to abort.  The case laws are not in her favour.   Maybe she was also advised that the many traps set in place in the agreement is going to work in her favour anyway!  She'll be richer and she will still have her property.

Ha ha ha.  Fat hopes.  We are going to make sure that is not going to happen.  She is in for a surprise shock of her life!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fourth Quarter - The Last Lap

It is now the fourth quarter of 2010.  Before I know it, the year would have come to and end.  I think it is time to take stock of what I have set out to achieve and where I have arrived at thus far.

2010 is suppose to be a year of unlearning, relearning and learning.  A year of discovering and rediscovering.  A year of growth.

Physical fitness was one of the area I wanted to address for a long long time.  Year in year out the motivation just wanes off somewhere along the way.  This time around I am pretty pleased with myself.  Never have I been this fit in my entire life.  The last time I got close to this state was during my varsity days.  The constant labouring work to put myself through school was an exercise by itself.  Coupled with long walks to and from University to save the money and the little food that is enough just to get by kept me fit.  Today I am better built.  The definition at the abdomen area is finally showing up bit by bit.  I can now wear clothes I could not last time.  Slim fit clothes finally looks good on me.

Now that I am on the right footing, I will keep it going and I intend to keep this for a long long while to come.   This is just the beginning.

Jogging has been an activity I had always wanted to do.   I finally made the leap of faith somewhere this September.  I am blessed to have a friend who gave me some pointers and ran with me a few times.  The confidence built up.  Never would I imagine that I could now jog for the distance I am doing now.  It is just the beginning.  Maybe a 5km competitive run followed by a 10km run somewhere next year?  All this is now possible.  I must say that the feeling after each run is exhilarating, probably caused by the endorphin excreted in the brain.

This statement which was posted on the facebook wall of a runner sums it all up:
"I run because it's my passion, and not just a sport.  Every time I walk out the door, I know why I'm going where I'm going and I'm already focused on that special place where I find my peace and solitude. Running, to me, is more than just a physical's a consistent reward for victory! "

I finally had my braces fixed.  It was not as bad as I thought it to be.  Maybe the orthodontist was nice and did not try to tighten it up too fast.  I can see the improvement and I am very pleased with what I see in the mirror each morning.

My Mandarin lessons need brushing up and refixing.  I have been good at first, the slacking off towards the end.  The traffic jam to class and the work that cannot get off the mind was just too much to handle.  There is still less than three months to go.  I want to be able to confidently converse in the language before the year is up.  For this I have asked a fellow blogger to help me out.  He knows who he is and I hope to get it restarted next week.

Work wise, things can get better.  Things are not exactly what I want it to be.  A few notches up would be great.  It is getting mundane and boring to say the least.

Lastly I think the area I really need to work at beside my work is my relationship.  We still are at a friend stage.  One blogger put it succinctly.  You are both dating but just calling it any other name but that.  The truth is that the person has made it pretty clear what the person wants.  The only thing that is carrying me this far and beyond is my gut feeling.  I hope I am right and I don't screw myself up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Lessons On A Sunday

Lesson No. 1 -  Instructions  Are Meant To Be Followed
I cooked one of my specialty dish - Savoury Rice.  This time I decided on a new recipe.  The fruit and nut rice which I normally cook is getting too predictable.  I have cooked from this recipe book before.  Blindly following the recipe from this cookbook always yield results - authentic Indian food which you can only get in good fine Indian restaurants.

Chicken Biryani.  The recipe requires the rice to be soaked for 20 minutes.  Normally Basmati rice should washed and then drained, not soaked.  So I did not follow the instruction.  Two twigs of fresh coriander and a teaspoon of mint leaves.  I bought so much.  A little extra should do no harm.  The instruction was again defied.

The rice goes through three different cooking methods.  The grains are first stir fried until translucent, then boiled in water and lastly cooked in the oven

The result: The rice was not cook evenly.  There were some grainy rice mixed with cooked rice.
The repair job:  The oven cooking time had to be extended.
The damage:  Rice was a tad too soft and the grains were broken.  It looked greenish due to the extra coriander and mint leaves.

The Lesson:
Instructions are meant to be followed right to the last dot.  A good leader starts by being a good follower.  A humbling and timely reminder indeed.


Lesson No. 2 - Get Your Facts Right Before You Strike
Wuff wuff has been acting up lately.  I have been at my wits.  Cleaning up his pee all over the place has become an almost daily chore.  People tell me that it is because I have not been giving him the tender loving care, which he needs.  I admit that I have been neglecting him.  I spend more time outside than at home.

I came back and I saw another patch at the kitchen near the sink area.  I caught hold of him, brought him to the sink area and gave him a whack.  Only this time it was a real few whacks too many.  He must have got a shock of his life. 

I cleaned up the patch.  That was when I realized.  That is no pee.  It is water leaking from the pipe.  The damage was already inflicted.  I really felt bad.  Reminds me of people accusing me of things I never did.  This time I am the one doing it.  Yes.  An apology was extended to Wuff wuff.  But the pain in the heart was real.

The Lesson:
Check and investigate first.  Never assume.  It is not necessarily  always the same every time.  Do not let your emotional state of mind affect your thoughts and cloud your decisions.


Lesson No. 3 - What Goes Around Comes Around
I checked the leak at the sink area.  While rummaging through the flexible hoses under the sink, one of the joint suddenly broke.  Water was gushing out.  Imagine the water pressure.  There was no stop cork and the only way was to switch off the mains.  Imagine the amount of water in the kitchen.  The clean up began.

 How is this damage going to be fixed on a Sunday evening at 10.30pm?  This is probably payback from heaven for what I have done?  I called the plumber.  No answer.  Another plumber was called.  Telephone number not in service.  

Last resort.  I called the Management Office Principal where I am a involved.  The chances of getting the situation restored is going to be slim.  How on earth at this hour would anyone have the flexible hose or PVC pipes?  The Principal sent a handyman over.  The pipe was fixed with some modification.  I literally had to pushed RM20 into the Bangladeshi's hands.   My lucky stars must really be shining brightly.

The Lesson:
Be firm but be fair.  No need to throw your weight around.  Do what is right.  People will respect you for it.  What goes around comes around.