Monday, October 25, 2010

DKNY Fashion Music Part 2

The fashion show was an experience for me.  I have never been to one like this.  The models were really tall.  The ladies had heels of almost at lest ten inches. The guys were really hunky.  Some had Pan Asian looks.  Sitting at the runway watching the real stuff was watching on TV.  Imagine them walking right pass you!  That you are sitting and they are walking on the runway made them incredibly tall.  Their posture was upright and their struts were swift and confident.  Awesome.

I was really unprepared for this.  This would have been a perfect scene for taking pictures.  What more with the models wallking right up to me.  All I had was my handphone and iPhone camera.  I tried unsuccesfully to snap some pictures.  Their struts were too fast for the camera speed.

I did manage to take some pictures of the usherers and attendants.  They were dressed as pilots and First Officers. 
After the show I managed to take some pictures of the models who sportingly posed with some of the crowd.

Well, that is the best the cameras can do in the dark.  I really wished I had a DSLR with me.  That would have made a whole lot of difference.

The parting gift was a DKNY perfume.


William said...

Free EDT!

Skyhawk said...

Some are of 'em look like Edison Chen.

-aLEx- said...

I think i know the model from the first picture, second from the left. He was from my high school lol (that is if it's him :x)

savante said...

WHy didn't you get their number!

carpe diem said...

William...Yea. FOC. And this is a limited edition one!

Skyhawk...Yea. And this comment was from the HK Airport!!!

aLEx...Cute isn't he?

savante... I didn't.