Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was chatting with a friend in a car yesterday.  He asked me how I got to know his junior.  I told my friend that his junior asked to add him in my FB.  He inquired further how the junior knows me. Well, probably it is because you are on my FB.  That is the only logical link I can think of.   I then reassured my friend I would never out him to anyone.  For one, I never write anything on my friend's wall.  Our friendship is just a little different.

I had the opportunity to chat with someone recently.  He was surprised that I have not talked to anyone or others about him yet.  He and I know that a lot of people would like to get to know him better.  Yes.  I do not talk about you to others because it is not my business to.  I told him unless he specifically asks me or wants me too, I would never.  It may amount to outting someone.

I chat with a friend's other half recently.  I found out that we met a long time ago.  Just a meet and chat, nothing more.  So please don't get excited.   I wrote a post on the blog about him.  I actually sent the post over to him for permission before publishing it.

Many times I am privy to information which are deemed sensitive and private.  Maybe my demeanor and character leaves people with the impression that I am trustworthy.  The truth is left to be seen with the passing of time.  I ain't no saint.  That much I shall divulge.  BUT, it is my principle to always maintain the privacy and confidence of my peers, friends and acquaintances.  It actually is none of no body's business.  Especially in a world where gossips spread like wild fire.  Before you know it, the whole story would be distorted and the truth become twisted.  What other people do with their life is their own business.

I have been outted many times.  I did not get a chance to decide if I wanted to let the other party know who and what I am.  I don't like that at all.  Many a times, I do not know who the other party is.  So it is like not knowing who I am being naked to.

So that speaks so much of why I am engage my brain more than my mouth.


Legolas said...

If someone outed me to another person without my consent, I definitely wouldn't be too happy about it. That is why we choose who to tell, because I absolutely don't want to tell it to a loudmouth.

Skyhawk said...

This sounds good dude...indeed protecting ones privacy is important. Cheers

Ultraman Jino said...

especially in giving out phone numbers. pantang!

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