Friday, November 19, 2010


I arranged for a friend to get his car fixed.  A new stereo system with navigational system, blue tooth and iPod connection together with front and rear sensors were fixed.  All for his son who is just going to sit for a public exam in a few weeks time.  Kids nowadays are so damn lucky.

The shop attendant explained and took my friend through the finer steps of operating the system.  At the end of the session this transpired:

Attendant:    Your son is married?
Friend:         No. He is still schooling. Why?
Me:              (Looked puzzled.  My friend looks so young,.
                    How can his son be married?)
Attendant:    If he is married he must come and see me.  I need to explain further.
                   The process of using the bluetooth is a little more complicated.
Friend:         Really? How come?
Me:              (I think I know where the attendant is coming from now.)
Attendant:    If his wife is in the car and his girlfriend calls,
                    he is going to get into trouble.  How is he going to answer?
                    Besides there will be a lot to answer to the wife.
                    Even if he has a girlfriend, it is dangerous.
                    The other girlfriends' gonna call to.
                    (He continued with the whole works of the different
                    situations and scenarios) 

Whether you are from this side or the other side of the fence, the beast in us never changes.  That is why we are the male species.  Our physical needs sometimes get the better of us. 

Today I was reminded that this slutty behaviour happens to both side of the divide, either you are gay or not.


Scene 1 Take 1
Me:    Where is Brandon? Haven't seem him at the gym for a while ady.
A:      That guy.  Bz chasing guys. 
Me:    No la.  He is straight.
A:      He can do both ways one.  Not like me.  I am straight.  Not bent one.
          (Showing his disapproval for people who are like us as well)
The conversation went on with some gay and bisexual bashing.

Scene 2 Take 1
B:     This people play gay one.
Me:  (Say nothing but just smile and keep my mouth shut)

Scene 3 Take 1
C:     Why do these people behave like that?   
         How can there be people like that in this world?
         What is wrong with these people?
(C is a female doctor.  Another doctor was after her husband who is also a doctor.)

The same story line continues...... over and over again.

We live in such a homophobic world.  I do not see how this is different from apartheid.  We are being profiled and chastised just because we are different.

How does a person's sexual preference obstruct or cloud his judgment?  How does ones action, lifestyle and believe affect the life of others who form the majority?  What happened to accepting and respecting each individual for his right of existence and living?  

Of course it is wrong to go after another heterosexual.  What more when he is already taken.  In this case married.

Sometimes our behaviour is less than desired.  But there are bad apples all around including within the heterosexual community.  So why the discrimination and stereotyping?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shanghai-Second Chance

MAS is having a sale.  The airfare to Shanghai is cheap.  Less than a thousand ringgit for a return flight. Today is the last day of sales. 

I have been toying with the idea of going there since my failed attempt the last time. 

Friends have told me that I was stressed with the holiday and that I was relieved when I did not make it the last time.  This time around I was also pretty uncertain.  The issue here is the language barrier.  I do not read the language too.  I am sure they like tourist like me.  They would be able to spot me from miles away.   Easy meat to slaughter.

I asked around over the last couple of days if anyone who could speak or write the language wanted or could come along with me.  Free lodging at a friend's place.  No one was available.  As the sale draw to an end, I made my mind up.  I must conquer this fear of mine. 

So I decided.  The trip is on.  This time around I must not miss it flight!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

RM5m Gift

I woke up this morning, picked up my papers and saw the headlines.  They are going to use RM5m to upgrade the dilapidated ICU at HKL.  I was stumped and flabbergasted.  I actually read the headlines again.  Three times to be exact.  I thought I was still half asleep.

Firstly, how can this be a gift from the powers to be?  It is all our money, buddy.  Assuming that it will be properly used and there would be no leakage in the fund disbursed, will the funds be used to upgrade the whole ICU? Or just some sections of it.  Some sections where the privilege has access to.

Secondly, you mean you guys only found out when someone dear to you and important landed there?  Some people's life is more important compared to others?  The condition is actually that bad?  Then RM5m is just a tiny fraction of what you you need to build another concrete structure.  I wonder why the person in charge never told you the need to put our your money where it was needed most.  Until you landed yourself there. Maybe you should visit more places more often.  That person in charge should be sacked for gambling with our your life.

Lastly, assuming that the whole ICU will be upgraded, I must say that we Klang valley folks are better off than the rest of us at the other parts of the country.  We are privileged.  Or maybe, only the one at HKL is dilapidated?

It is time we get our priorities right.  Being the first, the tallest, the biggest, the longest also means being the silliest.  If we get our priorities right then we would not be the laughing stock of the rest of the world. It is only when the rest of the world acknowledge our might and strength that we have come of age.  Beating our chest and telling the whole world how good we are means nothing. We are just killing ourselves.  Slowly but surely.

I shudder thinking that the much needed funds would be used elsewhere if you had not landed yourself there.

We are still like little kids running around in diapers.  What have we all become?   

PS. To my brethren who work tirelessly, imagine if more funds were channeled to make the working environment a more conducive one.  Saving lives would not be a chore then, would it? Perhaps some pinjaman peribadi would help

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The One Hundredth - Birthday Post

Today marks the one hundredth post in my blog.  Finally, after three hundred and ten days.  It all started because I needed an avenue to air what is deep in my broken heart.

Thanks folks for the encouragement.  For those who left footprints in my posts, I would like to record my sincere appreciation for your effort and time taken.  I do read them and the comments do mean a lot to me.

Today also happens to be my birthday.  I have never had so many greetings before.  They are probably more than all the greetings I have received in my entire life put together.  Thank you for your good wishes and kind thoughts.  May all of us be blessed.  May there be health and happiness in abundance for all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

On Janvier's lunch:
I never failed to feel envious of him.  The type of food he ingest will make most of us grow sideways in no time.  Imagine the amount of effort required in the gym for the intake.  Full of calories but very tasty.  From his FB wall, that is kinda his staple diet.  But he is as slim as ever!!!

On another fellow Fbooker's comment:
We chat for the first time on FB.  He was pretty friendly and he gave me his contact no without me asking.  So I am pleasantly pleased because he trusted me enough to do just that.  Later he PM me.
His thoughts:
Don't put so high expectation on me.  I am fat and ugly as in my FB.
My reply:
The cover of a book may be pretty.  But it is the content that matters most.  The same cover over a period of time becomes old. However, the content is always subject to each individuals interpretation.  As you read it over and over again, you may discover and rediscover new things.  The sparks from the cover will wither over time.  The content from the heart and soul will continue to mesmerize over and over again.

I seriously don't know what to give you as a present tomorrow.  A kiss maybe?  Ha ha.  Can you tell me more about yourself?
My thoughts:
Must be my voice.

On the many muscled men at the mall:
Everyone wants to look pretty.  But what I noticed and see are mostly muscled dolls.   I am certainly not turned on.  But I know many are.  The dolls do feel that they are pretty well dressed.  Some in designer clothing too.  Maybe they have a statement to make.

Properly dressed to suit the physique and appearance would have been more appropriate.  That would have turned me on.  Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Deepavali Day

The day started with what was left the previous day.  I was out the night before with a blogger.  We ended up having coffee at a joint till the wee hours of the next day.  He wished me Happy Deepavali  in the car on the way home.  That was cute I thought.

I was awaken in the morning by another blogger who was in town.  "Can you use What's App?..." he texted me.  We communicated and we had a late lunch.  Rather, he had a high tea, which I shared a bit.  I had to go for a Deepavali lunch which I had committed to earlier too.  So I watched while he ate.  Well, at least he ate well and it was worth the money paid for.

We walked towards Uniqlo.  It was really packed.  There was a long queue.  We decided to go to Pavilion.  Walked passed Paul Frank.  There was a 50% store wide sale.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I asked the server and he said that it was indeed a store wide sale.  There was not much choice left.  We bought two t-shirts each.  The we walked towards Quicksilver.  The fellow blogger then had to leave.  I browsed around and bought two pair of shorts and a knapsack.  All for 50% off.

I went back to my car.  A Porsche pulled up with a four wheel drive towing behind.  Then people with wired headphones  were seen securing the area.  It was a family.  I did not recognize them.  The lady at the wheel was last to alight.  She was still waiting for the valet to pick her car up.  I walked straight towards (almost) her.  I wanted to see how alert the wired men were.  The minder was quick.  He came close towards me without making the others realize. He was beside her a second before I arrived.  

Since the parking was flat rate, I decided to do something stupid.  I walked over and queued to enter Uniqlo.  The queue was like at least 450 meters long.  The crowd was orderly and some cameras were focused on the queue itself.  Some people actually find it hilarious and decided to snap their hearts out.  I was a little embarased with the attention.  After about 20 minutes, we were allowed to enter.

There were some good bargains.  The quality is average.  Since the price was reasonable, there was nothing to complain about.  The queue to the changing room took as long as the queue to come in.  Bought some clothes, jeans on sale, shorts and a fleeced warm top.

I walked back to Pavilion.  There was a fashion show going on.  The who's who must be there.  The crew were trying their best to drape the curtain so that no one else can see the catwalk.  The organizers might as well hold the function at a private venue if they wanted it to be so exclusive.  No need to be so cheapskate to hold it at a public area and deny the public their right to move freely at the concourse. 

I picked up my car, went home.  Warmed up and ate some left over food in the refrigerator.  Washed my clothes.

Started writing this post. Then an idiot from the condo called asking for help to unlock his clamped car.  As usual, they will give all kind of excuses.  Told him I cannot do nothing much.  It was just his tough luck. Pay up buddy if you want it opened.  I know he is going to curse me for this.

Now that this post is done, I need to go and hang my clothes out.

Happy Deepavali to my Hindu readers.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lonely, Void & Empty

I will dread this three day weekend.  I was hoping to get away but it did not materialize.  Many friends are away too.  I know a lot of us deserve this break.  I was kinda looking forward to it too.  But I must admit that I am a bit flustered. 

It is on holidays like that that I feel down.  Really down.  Some will be with their loved ones.  Many would have planned ahead for another experience of their lifetime.  Others would go on vacation.

Normally I am quite reserved.  I am more of an introvert.   I seldom voice out what is so deep in my heart and soul. 

Today, I feel really lonely, void and completely empty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Doc.

I sent Mum for her medical check up yesterday.  It was a routine one.  I normally would not go into the consulting room with her unless I felt a need to.  This time I popped in.  I wanted to know her blood test results.  It has been less than satisfactory the last time. 

Doc was in his early 30s.  We exchanged pleasantries and he was extremely courteous.  He even stood up and greeted me when I walked in.  In between the question and answer session, I inquired.  He spoke well without any slang.  But my ears were a little sharp.  I asked and he promptly replied that he was from North.  They then talked in that language.  I could see that Mum was really at ease.  But that did not do any good to her BP.  It was still high.

Part of the conversation then dealt with how life was tough.  Things were expensive and it was so difficult to buy a home for the pittance they were paid.  The bantering went on for a while.  It was like a meeting of mother and son!  On our way out I thanked Doc for his time.

I saw him write the 10 drug concoction he was giving Mum.  He is a Clinical Specialist.  Nice and readable handwriting Doc. 

I bumped into him again at the cafeteria.  He was working through his lunch.   I thanked him again.  We chat a little.  I told him how at ease Mum was.  I also told him how some other Specialists were not so nice.  We exchanged contact numbers before we went our separate ways. 

It never hurts to be nice to people.  We all like to be treated well and we should treat others the same.  The experience in the consulting room was warm. It was humbling.  It was already past 1.30pm and Doc had not taken his lunch.  He did not seem bothered and was really into his work.  There was no sulking or a sullen face.  Now that is a real attitude.  It was unlike some of the encounters I have experienced.  He put forth his case to mum in a very persuasive way.  I think mum was bowled over.  My regards for these care providers just went up a few notches. 

Thanks Doc.  May you and your family be blessed.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wrote this song it's not too long   cos' I've been thinking 'bout you
I wrote this song maybe I'm wrong   To be caught up about you
Well I don't know what you think 'bout me   Maybe you think nothing at all
But maybe you could just lie to me   And we could be in love you see
Oh it's a singalong song that's not too long   It's when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to   Cos' baby I wrote this I wrote this for you
I wrote this song it's not too long   Cos' I m the one who loves you
I wrote this song this can't be wrong   I don't wanna smile without you
Well I just want to make you happy   but maybe you want nothing at all
and how I wish that you're meant to be   forever and a day with me
Oh it's a singalong song that's not too long   It's when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to   Cos' baby I wrote this I wrote this for you
In everyway you mean more to me than you'll ever know
girl  I'll do my best to show these words are true
and if you'd like to make a song and be a perfect harmony with me
I'd find the greatest words to sing   so we could write our own romance
Oh it's a singalong song that's not too long   It's when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to   Cos' baby I wrote this I wrote this for you

Produced by Edward Chan/ Charles Lee/ Khalil Fong
Sung by Khalil Fong.

Very nice and meaningful.
Thanks to Legolas and savante

Monday, November 1, 2010


Him: I have put on weight.  I am fatter ady.
Me:  Don't let anyone put you down because you are fat.
        It does not matter what they say.
        If they are your friends, they shall have to accept you for what you are.

In this world of vanity, many of us judge a book by its cover.  We are so engrossed with the superficial.  We are so concerned with the micro and minute detail.  So much so that we miss the bigger picture.  We miss the forest for the woods.

It is important to be presentable.  Unkempt and sloppy appearance sure would not be a good first impression.  Judge if we must but not just by just looking at their physique.  The character, persona and demeanor is equally if not far more important.  

All that bloom shall wither.  All that are young shall age.  We all will one day grow old.  Our skin shall sag.  Our waist line may grow.  What we see happening in the other person, it shall form part of our aging process too.

Judge a book not just by its cover.  Judge it by its content.   Bother not what others think.  We deserve the best.  The best deserves us.