Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Doc.

I sent Mum for her medical check up yesterday.  It was a routine one.  I normally would not go into the consulting room with her unless I felt a need to.  This time I popped in.  I wanted to know her blood test results.  It has been less than satisfactory the last time. 

Doc was in his early 30s.  We exchanged pleasantries and he was extremely courteous.  He even stood up and greeted me when I walked in.  In between the question and answer session, I inquired.  He spoke well without any slang.  But my ears were a little sharp.  I asked and he promptly replied that he was from North.  They then talked in that language.  I could see that Mum was really at ease.  But that did not do any good to her BP.  It was still high.

Part of the conversation then dealt with how life was tough.  Things were expensive and it was so difficult to buy a home for the pittance they were paid.  The bantering went on for a while.  It was like a meeting of mother and son!  On our way out I thanked Doc for his time.

I saw him write the 10 drug concoction he was giving Mum.  He is a Clinical Specialist.  Nice and readable handwriting Doc. 

I bumped into him again at the cafeteria.  He was working through his lunch.   I thanked him again.  We chat a little.  I told him how at ease Mum was.  I also told him how some other Specialists were not so nice.  We exchanged contact numbers before we went our separate ways. 

It never hurts to be nice to people.  We all like to be treated well and we should treat others the same.  The experience in the consulting room was warm. It was humbling.  It was already past 1.30pm and Doc had not taken his lunch.  He did not seem bothered and was really into his work.  There was no sulking or a sullen face.  Now that is a real attitude.  It was unlike some of the encounters I have experienced.  He put forth his case to mum in a very persuasive way.  I think mum was bowled over.  My regards for these care providers just went up a few notches. 

Thanks Doc.  May you and your family be blessed.


Vincent~ said...

yeah its kinda rare to hav a nice doctor like tat. =/ sometimes the power of authority tends to get into they heads...

Legolas said...

Aren't you the skillful fella in picking up strangers? Evidently your skills surpass a friend I've known who is equally artful in that aspect.

Nonetheless, I totally approve of you doing that.

Darren said...

Ada udang di sebalik batu

carpe diem said...

Vincent...You are spot on.

Legolas...I push myself to the forefront so that I can overcome my fear of meeting and conversing with people.

Darren...Kali ini tiada udang. This time around there is no other agenda.