Friday, November 19, 2010


Scene 1 Take 1
Me:    Where is Brandon? Haven't seem him at the gym for a while ady.
A:      That guy.  Bz chasing guys. 
Me:    No la.  He is straight.
A:      He can do both ways one.  Not like me.  I am straight.  Not bent one.
          (Showing his disapproval for people who are like us as well)
The conversation went on with some gay and bisexual bashing.

Scene 2 Take 1
B:     This people play gay one.
Me:  (Say nothing but just smile and keep my mouth shut)

Scene 3 Take 1
C:     Why do these people behave like that?   
         How can there be people like that in this world?
         What is wrong with these people?
(C is a female doctor.  Another doctor was after her husband who is also a doctor.)

The same story line continues...... over and over again.

We live in such a homophobic world.  I do not see how this is different from apartheid.  We are being profiled and chastised just because we are different.

How does a person's sexual preference obstruct or cloud his judgment?  How does ones action, lifestyle and believe affect the life of others who form the majority?  What happened to accepting and respecting each individual for his right of existence and living?  

Of course it is wrong to go after another heterosexual.  What more when he is already taken.  In this case married.

Sometimes our behaviour is less than desired.  But there are bad apples all around including within the heterosexual community.  So why the discrimination and stereotyping?


Legolas said...

Can't help it. People like to stereotype. It's a natural talent.

You can say: Yeah, I too don't understand why there are girls who keep stalking my boyfriend. Why the girls behave like this? How can there be people like that in this world? What is wrong with these people?

Little Fox said...

sadly most gay guys do propitiate this sterotype by being sucky friends and behaving as if friends must tolerate their attitude. i dont but many do.

when my colleagues start gay bashing, i ask them so? you wanna try? but with your looks, you can barely get guys. nyahahhahaa

pikey said...

People fear what they do not understand....

SynchingZincInc said...

i've had such conversation before time after time. didn't realize that most of them are unmarried female docs lol


tuls said...

im heterophobic!!!

aaronng88 said...

everyone stereotypes.. it just depends which end of the conversations u're in. at the end of the day, stereotypes tend (note, i didnt say are always) to be true. which is something u can look at it and be positive about it, because u noe u've done nothing wrong... or be rly annoyed by it, because u felt at some point, the stereotype judgement is true.

alot of ppl judge in prejudice. the point is, whether or not u will allow it to affect u, and whether or not u realise where u're wrong, and try not to be a part of the stereotype.

=) hv a nice weekend~

子扬 said...

Those scenes sound so familiar :S