Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

On Janvier's lunch:
I never failed to feel envious of him.  The type of food he ingest will make most of us grow sideways in no time.  Imagine the amount of effort required in the gym for the intake.  Full of calories but very tasty.  From his FB wall, that is kinda his staple diet.  But he is as slim as ever!!!

On another fellow Fbooker's comment:
We chat for the first time on FB.  He was pretty friendly and he gave me his contact no without me asking.  So I am pleasantly pleased because he trusted me enough to do just that.  Later he PM me.
His thoughts:
Don't put so high expectation on me.  I am fat and ugly as in my FB.
My reply:
The cover of a book may be pretty.  But it is the content that matters most.  The same cover over a period of time becomes old. However, the content is always subject to each individuals interpretation.  As you read it over and over again, you may discover and rediscover new things.  The sparks from the cover will wither over time.  The content from the heart and soul will continue to mesmerize over and over again.

I seriously don't know what to give you as a present tomorrow.  A kiss maybe?  Ha ha.  Can you tell me more about yourself?
My thoughts:
Must be my voice.

On the many muscled men at the mall:
Everyone wants to look pretty.  But what I noticed and see are mostly muscled dolls.   I am certainly not turned on.  But I know many are.  The dolls do feel that they are pretty well dressed.  Some in designer clothing too.  Maybe they have a statement to make.

Properly dressed to suit the physique and appearance would have been more appropriate.  That would have turned me on.  Different strokes for different folks I suppose.


Little Dove said...

Janvier does the Sailormoon special moves, which explains his physique. ;p

pikey said...

Nice post... glad that you are a 'reader'

carpe diem said...

Little Dove...Life's never fair is it?

pikey...Sometimes I myself am guilty too.

Skyhawk said...

Agree with different strokes for different folks...

Janvier said...

Haha do take note that some featured MEALWHATS(tm) are for two people! We wouldn't be able to eat all that alone!