Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deepavali Day

The day started with what was left the previous day.  I was out the night before with a blogger.  We ended up having coffee at a joint till the wee hours of the next day.  He wished me Happy Deepavali  in the car on the way home.  That was cute I thought.

I was awaken in the morning by another blogger who was in town.  "Can you use What's App?..." he texted me.  We communicated and we had a late lunch.  Rather, he had a high tea, which I shared a bit.  I had to go for a Deepavali lunch which I had committed to earlier too.  So I watched while he ate.  Well, at least he ate well and it was worth the money paid for.

We walked towards Uniqlo.  It was really packed.  There was a long queue.  We decided to go to Pavilion.  Walked passed Paul Frank.  There was a 50% store wide sale.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I asked the server and he said that it was indeed a store wide sale.  There was not much choice left.  We bought two t-shirts each.  The we walked towards Quicksilver.  The fellow blogger then had to leave.  I browsed around and bought two pair of shorts and a knapsack.  All for 50% off.

I went back to my car.  A Porsche pulled up with a four wheel drive towing behind.  Then people with wired headphones  were seen securing the area.  It was a family.  I did not recognize them.  The lady at the wheel was last to alight.  She was still waiting for the valet to pick her car up.  I walked straight towards (almost) her.  I wanted to see how alert the wired men were.  The minder was quick.  He came close towards me without making the others realize. He was beside her a second before I arrived.  

Since the parking was flat rate, I decided to do something stupid.  I walked over and queued to enter Uniqlo.  The queue was like at least 450 meters long.  The crowd was orderly and some cameras were focused on the queue itself.  Some people actually find it hilarious and decided to snap their hearts out.  I was a little embarased with the attention.  After about 20 minutes, we were allowed to enter.

There were some good bargains.  The quality is average.  Since the price was reasonable, there was nothing to complain about.  The queue to the changing room took as long as the queue to come in.  Bought some clothes, jeans on sale, shorts and a fleeced warm top.

I walked back to Pavilion.  There was a fashion show going on.  The who's who must be there.  The crew were trying their best to drape the curtain so that no one else can see the catwalk.  The organizers might as well hold the function at a private venue if they wanted it to be so exclusive.  No need to be so cheapskate to hold it at a public area and deny the public their right to move freely at the concourse. 

I picked up my car, went home.  Warmed up and ate some left over food in the refrigerator.  Washed my clothes.

Started writing this post. Then an idiot from the condo called asking for help to unlock his clamped car.  As usual, they will give all kind of excuses.  Told him I cannot do nothing much.  It was just his tough luck. Pay up buddy if you want it opened.  I know he is going to curse me for this.

Now that this post is done, I need to go and hang my clothes out.

Happy Deepavali to my Hindu readers.


plainjoe said...

The day wasn't that bad after all eh?

William said...

You were one of the Uniqlo lemmings?! :P

carpe diem said...

plainjoe...I had to create something to retain my sanity!

William...Nicely put. How is life over in Brunei? Your Godbro misses u!!!

William said...

He does? Never contact me also. ;D

carpe diem said...

William...I will let him know. Maybe I lend him my hp and ask him to chat with you for an hour or more. U are roaming right? :PPP

-aLEx- said...

there were shorts in uniqlo?? Couldnt find any :S
For tshirts, i'd still stick to esprit lol
But oh well, the fleece and jeans were really reasonable ;)

carpe diem said...

aLex...They have shorts but not on sale. Price is still reasonable.