Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shanghai-Second Chance

MAS is having a sale.  The airfare to Shanghai is cheap.  Less than a thousand ringgit for a return flight. Today is the last day of sales. 

I have been toying with the idea of going there since my failed attempt the last time. 

Friends have told me that I was stressed with the holiday and that I was relieved when I did not make it the last time.  This time around I was also pretty uncertain.  The issue here is the language barrier.  I do not read the language too.  I am sure they like tourist like me.  They would be able to spot me from miles away.   Easy meat to slaughter.

I asked around over the last couple of days if anyone who could speak or write the language wanted or could come along with me.  Free lodging at a friend's place.  No one was available.  As the sale draw to an end, I made my mind up.  I must conquer this fear of mine. 

So I decided.  The trip is on.  This time around I must not miss it flight!