Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We are Screwed!

I was at Maxis to pay my bills.  I waited patiently at one of the counters.  There was this "three fella crowd" at the next counter. Two of them were foreign students from Africa.  I never liked them because most of them are rowdy.  The other was a gal, I think a Malay gal.  Maybe I like to stereotype them but I have heard more than enough times how these gals fall for the Africans.  My conclusion is that their dongs are so huge that the gals will give anything to taste them and have them in the theirs.

Well, this time, it was different.  I felt good that the gal was defending the African students.  Apparently another African student cheat had come to the Maxis counter and reported that his SIM card was lost.  They processed a new SIM card without verifying his identity thoroughly.  After obtaining the SIM card, the felon used it to withdraw money from the African student's bank account.  How it works I have no idea.  But the money is obviously gone.  So those of us who use mobile phones to do our internet banking better be careful.

I overhead the gal telling the guys,
"This is Malaysia.  In this country everything is very slow.  They will try to push you here and there. Nobody will care about you.  It never is their problem.  No one will take responsibility.   Unless you help yourself, no one will.    Only when you put their ass on fire will they do something." 

Normally, I would have been ashamed by what that gal said.  How could she belittle her own country like that.  Is this not treachery?

Instead  I was very proud of her.  That she was willing to stand for what is right.  She was willing to go the extra mile to help the foreigner out.

We as a nation are really screwed.  We have a structural flaw that I do not think will ever change in my lifetime.  That is another story for another day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today 7 April

Today has been an exceptional day indeed.  I cannot remember when it was when everything went so smoothly.

I went into meeting today hoping to try wriggle a discount or something from the contractor.  We were suppose to pay them their dues from the insurance claim.  I told myself maybe try for a couple of thousand ringgit.  I did not have to lift a finger too much.  They offered to install six industrial size exhaust fans FOC where we needed it most to ventilate the machines.  That's a whopping savings of a lot of money!

The car is finally done.  I downgraded the shocks to original specification earlier.  But I realized that the ride is not stable during high speed.  Good things do not come cheap I suppose.   So finally I would be able to ride it like what it used to be.  The rides during the last month was really uncomfortable and dangerous.

The restaurant manager was on leave.  We normally would like him to take our orders.  We like our food a little bland, with less oil and salt.  His stand in was able to accede to our needs. This is not always the case. So the food was good and we enjoyed the lunch.

The vendor's lawyer finally forwarded the redemption sum to my solicitor, after a three week delay.  First the vendor tried to frustrate the deal by giving one excuse after another.  Then they came up with a completely lopsided contract that cannot be performed.  Took the bull by its horns.  The deal took more than a year to get through.  So I finally will get what is mine from the beginning.

The sun finally shone as I arrived home. I managed to get my car washed.  And it did not rain after the wash. A good sign indeed because I can almost bet that it will always rain after the wash.  Yes, no matter how sunny it is!

My handyman called in today.  He is free and ready to work on my home.  Well the long wait is finally over.  He can come over and work on them before they fall apart.  Just when I needed him most, he appears!!!

To cap it all, I finally managed to taste the Snowflakes dessert.  I watched in dismay the queue at the only place I know that served it.  Pavilion.  Finally, today, at of all places, at Kuchai Lama, I was treated to one by a friend.

I must say a prayer later so that this continues for the rest of my living days.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love & Relationship

I met a friend recently over a meal. We are pretty close and I kinda sensed something was amiss.  He has just started on a relationship.  A long distance one to be exact.

He poured his heart's content out to me and I listened intently.

I am no guru in this field, failing myself to get anything off the ground after coming to terms three years after my one and only nine year relationship collapsed.  Through those trying times to keep the relationship together and through those rough times when I was left licking my wounds, I learn a lot.  After coming to terms with the breakup, there was a constant fear of history repeating itself.  The guards were up to avoid being inflicted. It took three long years before I tried again. I offered him some insights into my thoughts.

Some people are naturally very good with their words and actions.  Being lovey dovey with words and actions.  Others are just very straight forward and plain.  However strong your hints are, they ain't no nice words coming out from their mouth.  Whichever side we belong to depends on the environment we operate from and our upbringing.  There is no right and no wrong.  You will know if he is your man when your chips are down, when you run out of steam.  For whatever salt he is worth, your man will stand by you.

Some words are harsh.  Some words are so sharp that they slice your heart continuously like a scalpel would.  Again and again, your man will do it unto you, knowing very well that you will writhe and convulse in pain.  The truth is never easy to accept.  Neither is it nice to hear.  The truth hurts.  However, only your closest and most faithful will call a spade a spade!  And when you think that he is going to let you bleed to death, your man will pick you up and nurse you back to life. He should.

When all is sunny, nothing can go wrong.  The test is when your chips are down.  Will he be there for you? When you no longer are "new", pretty and sparkling, will he be there?  When the music has stopped and when the reality of what the life of a couple is all about sets in, will you both be there for each other? Through good and bad times.

Now that the courtship is over, you are two different individuals trying to co-exist and live as one. There are bound to be differences.  You cannot have things your way, he cannot have things his way.  If he had given in to you most or all the time before this, then you must be prepared to accept that  his mating dance may have come to a halt. Eventually it will.   The sparks which transformed into a plethora of fireworks will eventually turn into flickers and subsequently embers.  The same repertoire of fireworks will bore you after a while anyway!

You will go through different phases of your lives as a couple.  Every day there will be new discoveries and new things to explore.  There will be new frontiers to pursue as you both grow and learn to live with each other.  Along the way, if you open yourself up and are willing to embrace him for what he is, you will learn to accept his peculiarities.  He will learn to change and adapt to yours.  You will both learn to appreciate the diversity of each others' thoughts and actions as much as the similarities you both share.

"SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. 
It will NEVER just happen to you. You can’t ‘find’ LASTING love. 
You have to ‘make’ it day in and day out. "

While yesterday your feelings towards him might be through the hot blooded raging hormones, today you might fall for his looks and physique.  Maybe you like his level of maturity which is way beyond his age.  Tomorrow and for rest of the days to come, you both will have to accept that sincerity and caring for each other through thick and thin will be the only thing that will bind you both together.  Not the looks that will droop.  Not the physique that will sag.  We will all age, be wrinkled and crouch. There will be sickness and eventually death.  You will have to learn to accept all this.

If he is going to cheat on you, he will.  He can do it right under your nose.  He will do it on your bed.  Nothing is going to stop him from doing just that.  You will never ever find out!  Some of us try to read too much into actions and words.  We think we are smart.  We judge even though we say we would not and we are not.  We assume and we presume.  All in the name of trying to protect ourselves.  Not knowing that this will be the first straw that may eventually pave the road for the unsightly end.  Trust him for what he is.  Until you find out otherwise, don't doubt him.  Why did you both agree to walk down the path of life together if you doubt his faithfulness at this very early days of you both coming together?

The acid test of a relationship is whether you will put him ahead of you.  Will you put his needs and life above yours?  The ultimate test is, WILL YOU DIE FOR HIM? Maybe for now you would not.  Somewhere down the road you will have to answer this for yourself.  If you are willing to, then you are his man.  If his actions and not just his words speak the same, then you have your man.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here I am Again!!!

It has been a long while since I blogged. I have been busy but not necessarily productive.  I signed in and Skyhawk's post was right at the top of my blog list.  I read it and then realized that three months have gone past 2011.

It is time to turn on the heat and get things up and running. More commitments are coming my way and I shall need to work things out if I am going to hold it all together.  Maybe the plan has been too ambitious.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I hope I have not overstretched myself and spread it too thinly. I do not want to hit the wall and come to a dead end, so to speak. If you are keen on personal loan in singapore

I managed to catch "the" snippet from YouTube.  I wonder and wondered.  Would you have someone or your minder come into your room and see that everything is alright before you bed a person?   It does not make sense right?