Saturday, November 13, 2010

RM5m Gift

I woke up this morning, picked up my papers and saw the headlines.  They are going to use RM5m to upgrade the dilapidated ICU at HKL.  I was stumped and flabbergasted.  I actually read the headlines again.  Three times to be exact.  I thought I was still half asleep.

Firstly, how can this be a gift from the powers to be?  It is all our money, buddy.  Assuming that it will be properly used and there would be no leakage in the fund disbursed, will the funds be used to upgrade the whole ICU? Or just some sections of it.  Some sections where the privilege has access to.

Secondly, you mean you guys only found out when someone dear to you and important landed there?  Some people's life is more important compared to others?  The condition is actually that bad?  Then RM5m is just a tiny fraction of what you you need to build another concrete structure.  I wonder why the person in charge never told you the need to put our your money where it was needed most.  Until you landed yourself there. Maybe you should visit more places more often.  That person in charge should be sacked for gambling with our your life.

Lastly, assuming that the whole ICU will be upgraded, I must say that we Klang valley folks are better off than the rest of us at the other parts of the country.  We are privileged.  Or maybe, only the one at HKL is dilapidated?

It is time we get our priorities right.  Being the first, the tallest, the biggest, the longest also means being the silliest.  If we get our priorities right then we would not be the laughing stock of the rest of the world. It is only when the rest of the world acknowledge our might and strength that we have come of age.  Beating our chest and telling the whole world how good we are means nothing. We are just killing ourselves.  Slowly but surely.

I shudder thinking that the much needed funds would be used elsewhere if you had not landed yourself there.

We are still like little kids running around in diapers.  What have we all become?   

PS. To my brethren who work tirelessly, imagine if more funds were channeled to make the working environment a more conducive one.  Saving lives would not be a chore then, would it? Perhaps some pinjaman peribadi would help


polurdhayanithi said...


William said...

They could have just pocketed the 5m, but they decided to give back to the rakyat ma. Haha.

子扬 said...

pity them, they need the 5m ICU for their severe mental disorder.

Legolas said...

Politicians. No need explain more right?

savante said...

It's okay. The ICU needs it.