Friday, October 29, 2010


I have not slept since the previous night.  It was like I was on call.  Forty eight hours in a stretch.

I finally managed to get hold of William's collection.  I have never got a chance to watch it before.  So I was excited and naturally the movie session got a little stretched.  By the time I wanted to sleep, it was a little too late.  I was afraid I would oversleep.   I was on an overdrive after the many sequels.  So I was pretty awake and perked up!

At six in the morning, I drove to my mum's place to fetch her for her blood test.  It was a pleasant trip even though traffic was slowly building up.  I arrived at the facility just past seven in the morning.  The traffic condition has never been this good before.   By half past seven, all was done and we were on our way back home. 

I envisage a stress free journey home.  No traffic jam.  We were going against traffic.  I was so wrong. 

It took two hours plus for what would have been at worst, a forty five minute journey.  The bumper to bumper crawl was like an evening after work traffic crawl.  I could not believe what came out from my mouth, "How can you all stay at a place like that".   I thought that was a little curt.  But I was totally stressed out.

I have not been caught in a crawl like that for a long long time.  I am sure a lot of my brain cells were fried today.  In the car I was thinking to myself what has this nation become.  Compared to our neighbours down south and some other countries, we are like pawns.  We completely are unable to chart our destiny because of the morons.


Skyhawk said...

It's frustrating to get stuck in the traffic, besides burning gas, we are also burning our life...what to do, we have an 'efficient' Gov.

William said...

Wah, movie marathon!

Ultraman Jino said...

it's wise to plan up ahead. but malaysia roads are unpredictable >.<

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Little Dove said...

How many gigabytes was William's collection? ;p

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...what to do? We are screwed!

William...Yes. Thanks to you.

Ultraman Jino...we can plan, the universe shall decide!

Little Dove....errrr almost half an external hard drive :P