Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Are You Still Single?

I have this neighbour on my floor which has suffered a stroke before. He normally is accompanied by a family member when he moves around.   Occasionally I would bum into him and his family in the lift.  He knows I am single.  He has asked more than one time.  One day months back:

Him: You are still single?
Me:  I nodded my head.
Him: Do you know that it is a joy to have a family? What are you waiting for?
        Look at my son, (pointing to his now twenty something year old son).  
        It is so good to have them around.
Me: I kept quiet and let out a smile.

That is just me.  I just did not want to create a scene or stir the hornets nest, so to speak.  I can always walk away quietly but still be victorious.

Two days back, I again bum into him with his son.  The same question were being asked.  I kept quiet and looked disinterested in participating in the conversation.   We entered the lift car and I sort of waited for him to ambush me again.  There were two other strangers in the lift car.  In my head I wondered how am I going to straighten him up if he continues where he left before entering the lift car.    He kept his mouth shut this time around.

Why is it that people think that procreation  is the only way for human to evolve? Why is it that they think it as a necessary phase of life which all must go through?  We are living in this age where core family values have eroded such that closely knit family units are so alien to many.  Divorces and separations are so common.  Go and sit in a family court one day and see how many couples are there to annul their marriage.  All for a simple reason - non compatibility.

Great, if we can have a family and procreate like what is the norm.  However, that is certainly not the only available way where we can be happy and live a fulfilled life.  Some day down the road, I am sure I will be happy and joyous too.


savante said...

Umm... I have a nasty idea. Thought of dating his son? :)

Whizkid said...

Give me 5 savante, I was thinking the same thg too.

Same thg ppl ask to me too since I dun have a "girlfriend".

Evann said...

Meh you need not say anything nor start an argument with him. Your happiness is none of his business. For all you know, you're already a happier person than both his son and him combined. =)

William said...

Breeders dunno how else to define their existence.

Legolas said...

Have you ever played The Sims game? Some people's lifetime aspiration is to have family, some want to be rich, others want to have successful careers. Just different types of people wanting different things.

Skyhawk said...

A busy body man...anyway, dating his son is not a bad idea if his son deserves that.

carpe diem said...

savante, of his son is indeed good looking!

Evann...Yeah, that should be the spirit.

William...nvm. I forgive them all.

Legolas...Yeah. Some people don't realize that everyone have different priorities in their life.

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...His sons are straight. More like having to bend them first!

Ultraman Jino said...

just a show off haha...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot