Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's A Small Small World

Early this year I met two persons who turned out to be bloggers later on.  I have even got to know one of his other half before meeting the blogger.  From the FB I have also bummed into quite a number of people whom I have known, met and come into contact with.  They are discreet but I am pretty sure all are one of us.  I am also bracing myself to meet up with a person whom I know his mum!  Let's just say that the meeting will be unavoidable.

Somewhere last week, I emailed an acquaintance, A,  for his contact number.  We have not chat before save for some emails and comments left on the cyberspace here and there.  We finally exchanged contact numbers and I hope to one day meet him up in the not too distant future.

On the same day about the same time, I received a call from a long lost friend. I answered but there was no reply from the other end.  He is suppose to be based in Hong Kong now but comes back occasionally.  I tagged him on my phone book as X.  Since there were a few with the same name, I tagged his condo name with him.  The mobile line went dead.

The next thing I knew, I received a text message from him.  "Hey, I am A's friend.  I have been reading your blog.  Your contact number looks familiar.  Have we met before?"

I have never told X who and what I am.  So this time it looks like I have outted myself!  I felt a little numbed.  But at the back of my mind I know that X is a good  person.  So what he has been suspecting all this while has been confirmed.

"U are X right?  Can I know if u stay in T?  Sorry yea cos I need to confirm if I get you right.  And whatever happened in the past let it be in the past k. Let us just keep it that way." I said.  At that time, X tried many ways, phrasing his questions so as to find out who I am.  I have thus far until now been able to skirt his million dollar question.  My demeanor makes it a little wee too difficult for anyone to guess who I am.  Now he knows, so I thought.

I have helped X before on many occasions.  I have helped him with many physios before.  Some of the occasions have been a little awkward.  Nothing untoward happened by the way.  Now that I know A, I do not want to complicate things or explain to A.  Worse still if A starts to think outside the box and let his imagination run wild, when in actual fact there is none to think of.  It is never my policy to create chaos in other people's relationship.  I always make sure that I m never the cause.  That would be very bad karma.  

"We must have met a long time ago.  I no longer use that name, X.  What is T, where is T?  I have never heard of that place before." X said.  Of course you no longer use the name X.  I already know from A that you are now called Y. 

Now I am a little confused.  I must have tagged the name wrongly.  Who is this bloke?  I have his contact number.  He has mine.  Out of the blue, he texted me and introduce himself as A's friend!!!  My mind tried to reconcile and recollect.  I could not make anything out of it.

Y was nice and kind enough.  He was patient with me.  I still did not let out who I am.  I asked for his FB account, added him and texted him back that I have added him.  I saw from FB how he looked like.  But I have never met this person before!  How on earth does he have my contact number?  I must have compromised my screening protocol then.

He texted me telling me that he cannot recollect who I am either.  There is no picture for him to view.  I was busy and did not reply.  He was really courteous.  I am the faceless guy and normally people do not take this  too kindly.  He asked if I could recollect how we met.  Or did we ever meet up.  I told him I could not recall at all.  I told him that I would MMS him my pictures later which I subsequently did.  Many many hours later.

Y then asked if I was such and such a person.  He mentioned that we could have met at MV before.  That would have been at least eight years ago?  Incidentally I have been wanting to find a person with the initial MW.  (I have recently added a person whom I thought was him.)  But I do not recall meeting a person like whom I saw on the FB pictures. Y also cannot recall from my pictures if he met me up before.

The meeting in MV and both of us having each others' contact numbers were the only clues and point of reference.  I looked through the Y's old pictures in FB.  I now recollect.  Yes, indeed I have met Y before.  Briefly.  The duckling has transformed into a swan.  The young nerdy person is now a very confident hot and good looking cheery handsome bloke who looks younger than his age!  Plus this guy has no air.  At least not yet.  Now I know why A brags so much about Y! 

This is indeed a small small world!  I never thought that I would meet Y again.   What a funny way to rekindle the friendship!

I wish the both of you all the best and an everlasting love.


Skyhawk said...

Indeed the world is very small. Glad to know have met your long lost friend. Cheers.

Legolas said...

I could never recall anything if it happened to me. Can't even recall how I met with people whom I still keep in touch with.

Little Dove said...

It's really a small small gay world, at least in our country. ;)

savante said...

And the gay world is even smaller.

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...yeah. Always good to keep in touch.

Legolas...When you meet them, it may just ring a bell.

Little Dove...It sure is.

savante...It sure is.

Ultraman Jino said...

haha even if you cant remember, you both can start from scratch.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot