Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pain Pain Pain

Two weeks back, I could feel a poky sensation on my left knee.  Sometimes I could feel a sharp pain.  I think it must be due to the jogging.  Maybe I did not warm up properly.  Maybe my left knee is weak.  I resorted to applying a cream.  A blend of Cetyl Myristoleate and fatty acid esters to lubricate and hydrate the knee.  On top of that I am taking a course of glucosamine hydrocloride with condrotin sulfate, devils claw and sharks cartilage, all in one.  I put on a knee guard and continued with my runs.

Somewhere early this week I felt pain on my right leg.  I think it is my right extensor digitorum longus muscle.  When I tip-toe I could feel the pain.  I am sure this is because I did not warm up properly before the jog.  Now I can even feel the pressure if I walk briskly.

The visit to the orthodontist this time saw him changing the wires of the lower teeth to a thicker one.  I can feel the pressure as he proceeded to tighten the wires on the bracket.  The first meal after the adjustment was a little uncomfortable.  The uncomfortable feeling grew by the next meal.  Now I can feel the pressure even if I am not eating.  Merely biting the teeth from the upper and lower jaw together will yield the effect.  It feels like the teeth is about to come off the gums.  I am sure you have felt the numbness and pressure of your teeth when you are heaty.  The feeling when your teeth moves a little when you are heaty.  This is how I feel now.  The only difference is that I can feel it on almost all the teeth!

So it has been pain and more pain for the last ten days.

ps. The pain on the knee has subsided.  The pressure and muscle pull at the right leg is also subsiding.

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