Saturday, October 16, 2010

What A Day!!!

Friday started as usual.  Cleaning is always done in the morning.  The cleaners arrived a little late.  I wanted to meet some bloggers for lunch but could not because the contractor was coming at two thereabouts in the afternoon.  So I decided to make some preparation for the gathering on Saturday.  Past three and there was still no sight of the contractor.  I tried calling to no avail.  Still called late in the evening but no response.  This is so unlike of him!

I left home at three ish to beat the closing of the bank.  Thereafter to pay for my car spare parts.  As it was already late, the roads had already started swelling with traffic.  I got caught in a bumper to bumper crawl on the way back.  A really wasted day waiting for the contractor.  Sometimes I just do not understand people.  What is so wrong with telling me that you cannot make the appointment?  That would have saved my day!  Now almost the whole day is ruined.  Luckily I had some preparation work to do for the gathering.

The evening was uneventful.  I went to MV to get some condiments that was still missing for my preparation.  I went to Bangsar.  Waited for a friend to call.  I am suppose to meet him before he leaves for the States.  I decided to have nasi lemak while waiting.  A beggar came by.  He was limping and using a four legged device to help him walk.  Since I was the only odd one out, I decided to partake in the ritual, so as not to give the rest the wrong impression that we are not caring people.  Stupid of me.  When the beggar walked away, I noticed the size of his deformed leg.  It was the same size as the good one.  Obviously he can walk alright.  I am sure he will have a lot to answer come judgement day.

The friend called.  I met him and  passed him some USD.  He is to get me some A&F t-shirts from the States.

Another friend called to get some information on afternoon tea at a hotel.  I offered to lend him two dining cards.  I met him briefly to pass him the cards.  His friends from overseas is in town.  I told him to call me when he is done.  I offered to fetch him home because it will be very late then.

Past one in the morning, he texted me.  I drove downtown to fetch him.  While waiting for him, the cops in a patrol car came by.  In Malay language:
Cop : It is dangerous to park here.
Me  : I am just waiting for a friend.  There is no where else to wait.
Cop : Who are you waiting for?  Can I have a look at your IC?
Me  : A friend.  (I passed him my IC and Driver's Licence.)
Cop : Please wait a while.
         (He took my documents and passed it to his colleague.
         The other colleague started dialing his handphone.
         Obviously there is no laptop in their vehicle.
         They are now asking HQ to check me.)
         Please drive pass the patrol car and park there.

My friend came down and entered the car.  I was telling him how much I dislike these people.  The cops should not probe me.  My looks, the proper car I am driving and the sticker on the windscreen all did not help.  They are obviously on a fishing expedition.  I was telling my friend how I am going to get them if they try to be funny with  me.  Save for the traffic summons I am clean.  Seeing my friend getting up the car, the cop came again to me again and asked:
Cop: Who is he?
Me  : My friend.
Cop : Oh yea?  He looks like you.
Me  : He is my friend.

I think my friend was a little taken aback.  For the first time he saw how irritated I was.  He probably found out my ability to color my speech with those four letter words.  Yes.  I really hate people who try to get something for nothing.  Always trying to take the easy way out and throw their weight around.  After about twenty minutes, the cop came and gave me back my documents.

On hindsight, I think the cops thought that I was a pimp waiting to pick the gal up after finishing her tour of duty.                                                                                                                                                        

I drove off.  There was a police road block two kilometers ahead.  All the cars in front of me were let off.  When my turn arrived, he stopped me and asked me to wind down my window.
Cop:  Good morning where are you from and where are you going?
Me  : From KL and going home.
Cop : Where is home?
Me  : (Told him where I lived.)
Cop: Did you drink?
Me  : No I don't drink.  (He put his face closer towards the car window.
         I felt like blowing my breath right into his face.
         I decided not to because it would then make my night a very very long one.)

From the cock up by the contractor to the encounter with the cops, Friday was not a good day.


Whizkid said...

Wow, so unlucky and keep on meeting "dirty" presences. Shud bath urself with pamelo leaves liao.

William said...

Ooo... what are you cooking?

Little Dove said...

If they keep stopping you, that means you drive a really luxurious car. At least nothing untowards happened. :)

Skyhawk said...

Police, haiz!

carpe diem said...

Whizkid...Yea, I should.

William...I think you would have known by now.

Little Dove...It's an old car. Yea, they didn't try to get me to the balai.

Skyhawk...Yes, leaches.