Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Dream Into Reality?

I have never had dreams for as long as I can remember.  Even if I did, I would not be able to remember it when I awaken.  This time it is different altogether.  I want to pen it here to see if indeed it shall come true.  It is about a meeting with a FB friend.  He actually exists, is on my FB and I have chat with him before.  So far the chat has been short.  He is currently either busy, not interested or has an indifferent attitude towards me.   I do hope to get to know him better.  His current status is single.  This is how the dream went:

I bumped into him.  I know him from the pictures on FB.  He faintly remembers me.  He only remembers after I prompted him that I have emailed him my pictures.  We exchanged pleasantries.  I gave him a lift home.  Home is where he shares with his housemates.  We arrived at his home.  I was invited in and introduced to the rest of his mates.  I suspect one of them is his beau.

I helped out with some chores at the kitchen.  His mates came by and started chatting with me.  Most were sort of interrogating me in a casual manner.  I sensed that.  This went on for a while.  The friend was not there.  He was cleaning up and taking a shower, I suppose.

There was this one mate, whom I believe is his beau, who was pretty suspicious of me.  I could see both, the friend and his mate bantering lightly over some issues.  The friend was trying to pacify him whilst I was still being interrogated. 

The friend and his mates then started packing for an outing.  I bade the friend and his mates goodbye.  The friend followed me out to the porch.  Suddenly, he held out his arms and wrapped them around me, hugging me tightly for a good ten over seconds.  I remember vividly him clutching me again before letting go.  His last parting words were that he shall see me soon.

The significance of this dream is that I do not remember many of my dreams.  Those that I remember has always come true.  The friend's attitude towards me has thus far; at  best, been luke warm.  In the dream, the reverse was happening.

Let's see if things turn out like what is dreamt.

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Ultraman Jino said...

why are all my dreams weird and scary?

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