Sunday, October 24, 2010

DKNY Fashion Music Part 1

A friend could  not make it and passed me the invitation.   I was reluctant to go.  The invitation admits one person only.  I am reminded of some of the pictures I see from magazines like Prestige.  I really don't feel comfortable in those crowd.  I never feel comfortable in crowds what more in those type of crowds.  Besides I am alone without company.  At 7.35pm, I dressed up and forced myself to go.  I didn't know how to explain to my friend if he asked how the show was. It was held at the TUDM Museum. 
I arrived just on time before 8.00pm.  The parking bays were already filled up and I had to use the valet.  Luckily there was no charge.  Then I took a short walk past the planes to the museum.  I am amazed that the authorities actually allowed them to use the hangar for the show.  These places are normally out of bounds and your identity will have to be vet through before you are allowed into the compound.

I was ushered to a seat.  Finger food and drinks were served.   The airconditioner was blowing very strong.  It was really cold.  I could see many well dressed people there.  The crowd started swelling as the night went by and it was not past 9.00pm before the show started.

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