Saturday, July 31, 2010

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We chat till the wee hours of the day.  From FB we moved to MSN then HP.  All in a marathon five hours.  I retired at 5.00am.  I had a meeting at 8.30am which I cannot postpone.  That was almost half a month ago.

We have met many times since then. 

We got straight down to business during our first meet.  You were very direct.  I like that.  No need to beat around the bush.  I told you what I was looking for and you did the same.  You told me what you expected and I did the same.  There was no match. 

BUT.  Yes. Always there is a but. 

You do not believe in love at first sight.  I don't too.  You told me love is blind.  When you fall, all those criteria is thrown out of the window.  It doesn't really matter then.  You told me that you probably would not find that match anyway.  That age and maturity does not sync.  That it shall be hard to find someone who would understand your odd hours.  You then put forth your hypothesis.  I listen intently.

I think you hear me loud and clear.  Some in words and others in gesture.  Anyone who can understand English would.   The gestures were a no brainer.

Financially, you don't like depending on people and you don't want people depending on you.  I like that.  We all need to fend for ourselves anyway.  I buy you all the time so far because it is only right that I do so.  You shall get your chance one day too.   I remember you telling me the first few times that you can afford it too.  I assured you that I have no doubt of that.  My gesture is in no way an indication of your weakness.  I am sure you know I mean what I say.  So you relent and no longer say that anymore.

Time is always stingy to you.  I notice that we always overshoot.  You always miss your appointments after our meet.  Many a times I feel guilty.  I should not hold you up.  So I mark the time when we do meet.  I don't want you to miss what is really more important in this phase of your life.  You seemed unperturbed.  That is surprising.

I think you are keeping an open mind.  For such a direct person, I am sure you would have shown me the red card by now.  So far I have not received even the yellow.  I do not read people well.  But one thing I am sure.  You do not act things up.  Every act and deed seemed to sync and I still do not see any leak to indicate otherwise.

I am just happy to have you around. 


Little Dove said...

Someone's in love? ^_^

William said...

You make it sound like a business proposal!

nicky05 said...

Poem to him?

Koala Express said...

i smell sweet n delicious. :P

Skyhawk said...

Good luck and great to see more developments...

Lucifer said...

hahaa. all the best! ^^

Celestine said...

Hey there! I don't know much about this guy, or you for that matter but this sounds like an interesting development! ;)

Ultraman Jino said...

love at first sight. they exist but need a lot of effort and determination to hold it true ^^

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

carpe diem said...

Little Dove...I don't know where this is heading. I hope he would fall for me like you for Prince Charming.

William...There's more to that. But it was pretty direct.

nicky05...I don't think he is reading.

Koala Express...We shall see.

Skyhawk...Thanks. I sure hope there are positive developments.

Lucifer...Thanks for everything.I appreciate it very much.

Celestine...He is a nice person in all respect. I hope he will give me a chance to see if something can develop out of this.

Ultraman Jino...It's not love at first sight. Like at first sight. Everything needs a lot of effort, understanding and give and take.