Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So It Works!

I normally do not wear a newly laundered T-Shirt for my gym workout.  It would be one where I have been wearing it for the day.  In this way I do not have so many T-Shirts to launder at the end of the week.  This also reduces the ironing after that.

Today I wore a newly laundered T-Shirt.  The reason for using this piece was because there were some inconspicuous stains after the wash.  I did not realize it.  I only found out after it was ironed.  So I used it for my gym workout today. 

It was a Dri Fit piece.   I have never really tested this material in a gym workout before.  I normally wear it for my casual outings.  So today it was put to test.   My T-Shirt would normally be drenched in sweat after a cardio workout.  It would literally look like a wet towel after forty five minutes on the machine.   Today the sweat on my shirt dried pretty quickly.  There was little sign of sweat.  I must say that I was very comfortable at the gym today. 

So this Dri Fit stuff works.


Koala Express said...

ok today he's writing abt his shirt. *faint :P

nicky05 said...



didnt work out enough? hehe... when r we gonna meet up and do work out arrr?

carpe diem said...

Koala Express...Yeah. I never believed that it worked.

nicky05...no I am clean.

L2...Where do u work out?