Saturday, July 31, 2010

He Showed Up!

I thought it was over.

After reading some of your comments, I thought for safety reasons, I should not have shown my displeasure but just let him off the hook.

This came in recently from him:
Dear Angry,
Send you a picture of me. Hope you like it.
Sorry I seldom go to the gym actually. Do you like my look? I am of course not as good looking as you. Your skin and body and lips hair is a bomb.I fantasies making love with you last night. I actually got a really good masturbation. I want to kiss you too. Suck your cock. How big is it?

I rest my case!


Little Dove said...

He is mentally unsound. Please ignore and cease all contact with him. He might be stalking yoiu, but only from afar, because he is too much of a coward to see you face to face.

Skyhawk said...

Hmmm...psycho case...have you seen him in gym?

carpe diem said...

Little Dove...I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for the advice.

Skyhawk... No sign of him yet.

Darren said...

refer him to a psychiatrist.

carpe diem said...

Darren...I certainly hope he does not show up in front of me at all.