Monday, July 26, 2010


These are the last few mails back and forth continued from my last post:

"Alright than. just answer me one more question. Just tell me your status. I know you are a decent man thus won't be still not attached at all.Sorry I am just too cautious cos I am bitten and I am very lazy to start with someone that I do not have a chance at all. You must be in your thirties and a professional man. ( Judging from your conversation with your client (I guess). I am discreet cos I am working for someone high up. I am also from a good family background except my parents had no time for me at all since I was young. I live alone since I came back from US. Till I met my ex. Now that I chase him out, I am alone again. Thanks for your patience with me. Really I actually go to the gym not that often."

"My dear, let us meet then talk. I still don't know who u r and I don't talk personal stuff to strangers."

"Ha Ha HA another un sincere bred. And this is my last mail to you."

"U actually promised to tell me who u r and give me ur contact after I reply your first mail. Then u change again and again. I felt sorry for what u went through when u told me ur problems. So I replied on Sunday.  I am sorry u felt that I m insincere. I wonder who really is and who started the mail coming without even having the courtesy to reveal himself. What more taking people's email address without permission.  I wish u well n I sincerely hope You would find a good companion. Meanwhile just sit back and enjoy life."

"You too. I am still very unstable emotionally. Be true to your partner and you will be blessed with a lot of good things in all aspects. If you always cheat and do not want to admit that you had cheated than you are going to get it back onto you in one way or other. I do not know from what back ground you came from and what religion you are in. But one thing in life is that do good things to others and never try to cheat people for their wealth or sex or emotion. You will NEVER FINISH PAYING BACK!!!!!!!! Maybe this LIFE, Maybe NEXT or Maybe Upon your family. Good luck and be happy. Hope to see you secretly in the gym. Ha ha. Sayonara!!!"

"Well well well. I think u r really sick.  Do see a specialist. I m just trying to help u and this lecture from u. Maybe I should have just let u jump off the building! You are really sick!"

Me again:
"You seem very bitter over things in your life.  You have a right to be.  Please don't take it on me.  I am a passer by whom you have decided to write to.  I do find your last mail very curt and offensive.  Anyhow I wish you well and I hope you will seek help."

Initially after a small discourse with a fellow blogger, I was again not very sure.  But after scrutinizing the time stamp on the mails and the way he wrote, I am very sure he is someone from the gym. 

I feel so sorry for you!!!


savante said...

Where did you find this weird fellow?!

Drew said...

Quod erat faciendum.

Janvier said...

Best left alone lah. Unstable fellow, best ignored to let him focus elsewhere.

nicky05 said...

why so familiar?..

Skyhawk said...

Close case and move on...

William said...

No point analyzing an unsound mind.

Evann said...

He seems to believe that a meet-up in person is a date. Gosh, how green. He even described himself as "unstable". Let him be~ We have our own lives to live. =D

Ultraman Jino said...

he is bored with you already. and now he is taking his leave. no grudge but so should you.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Koala Express said...

wah. scary. never say a mad man mad. even more so when he knew where u go. just ignore will do.

jamie said...

Your safety is top priority!

Celestine said...


carpe diem said...

savante...He found me. I didn't.

Drew...I don't get where you are coming from.

Janvier...Point taken.


Skyhawk...Case closed.

William...Couldn't agree more.

Evann..You are right.

Ultraman Jino...I hold no grudge against him.

Koala Express...Point taken.

jamie...I agree totally.

Celestine...It sure is.