Friday, July 23, 2010

Unsettled Business

I tried to get him to reveal himself the whole of yesterday but to no avail.  I did not reveal my orientation to him.  He may assume since I replied his mail.  I need to know who he is.

This is my reply to his first mail:
"Sure we can get to know each other. Hope to have ur contact. Then we can catch up. I really can't recall who u r. Sorry no offence intended."

His response was:
"Great!!! I will. However I am frank. Are you willing to have casual sex with me? I love to kiss and suck. I live alone near Ikea. If you are free this afternoon I am free cos I am on leave. If you say yes than I will send you my hand phone."

I was really taken aback.  I need to get to the root of this. He must have misinterpreted me.  So I responded:
"Hi thanks for ur frankness. To be fair to me n to show ur sincerity I hope u would reveal urself. U already know me. Thanks"

He is not keeping his end of the bargain.  He was suppose to reveal himself after my first response.  This is what he wrote:
"Sorry, fell asleep just now. Very Bored. Yes, I saw you but do not know what's your preference. I wish I could know a little bit more before I dug myself further. I am serious when it comes to wanting and loving a person. I don't want to be sharing a lover with others cos I've tasted it before and got hurt before. Gay relationships are always complicated. Have you been rejected ? Will you be at the gym tonight? I will reveal myself to you."

My reply:
"I think it's easier to chat on HP than to email back n forth. Hope to have ur contact.  Thanks"

I went to the gym today.  I did not tell him I would be there.  Initially I felt alright.  But I realized that I started getting very cautious and sensitive to the surrounding and the people there.

I started at the treadmill.  Normally I would take at least forty five minutes here.  There was one person who seemed to be at the machine for far too long.  But he was there before me.  So it cannot be him.

At the weight machine a guy smiled at me.  I acknowledge out of courtesy.  I went to another machine and he moved nearby.  Later I saw him at the free weight section.  So it cannot be him.

I soon realized that I was getting a little wacky.  I was not concentrating and my breathing was getting heavy and I certainly was not breathing properly.  I was not in the right frame of mind to workout.  

I got into the changing area, put on the towel and headed towards the steam room.  There were three persons inside.  Two of them were talking to each other.  One was having his underwear on.  So it cannot be these two.  The other sitting nearest to me were almost nude save for some covering at his nether region.  The two friends walked out of the steam.  I was left alone with the other guy.  I was too tired.  I just closed my eyes.  He walked out later.  I don't think he is the one either.

I went to the shower stall and I thought I would rinse myself and go back to the steam room.  I usually do that.  But this time I could not get myself to.  I decided that I have had enough. So I continued my shower.  Someone came into the next stall.  I realized I was observing his shadows on the frosted glass.  Then I heard him speak to his friend in Arabic.  So I felt better.

I got out of the shower stall. There was a guy near my locker who was changing.  He looked way older than 30.  I made sure there was no one else nearby when I changed.  

As I walked to my car I kept a close watch.  I do not want anyone peering at my movements.  I certainly do not want him to know which is my car.  Luckily there is no sticker on my windscreen to indicate where I live.

I am getting flustered.  I need to get to the bottom of this before the weekend is over.  I need to seek this person out.  At least I know how he looks like and keep my distance if need be.  

I do not mind becoming your friend.  At least have the courtesy and decency to reveal yourself.  I feel completely naked and YOU are scaring me shit!


William said...

Try not to be too paranoid lo.

nicky05 said...

you're so horny..wuahaha..joking..:P

Skyhawk said... are at high alert mode...but, i could understand how you feel...

Janvier said...

His messages send a confusing signal. He wants you for sex first, then see if a relationship is possible?

C'est la vie said...

Stalkers are scary. It's normal that you act in that way. I would do the same too. Hopefully you can ditch him out asap and clear things out. Good luck.

Drew said...

Frankly, I believe you might have over-reacted!

carpe diem said...

William...I shall try.

nicky05...No I am not.

Skyhawk...I sure am.

Janvier...A troubled mind?

C'est la vie...Yes it is scary.

Drew...I hope you are right.