Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love, Wealth and Gossips

I had dinner with Legolas today.  After dinner we adjourned to my favourite coffee joint.  The topic of conversation revolved around property, wealth, life partners and gossips.

Savante's going to be in town tomorrow.  He called me today.  For that I shall buy 4D.  He almost never!  Leggie asked if I knew him or Savante first.  According to Savante, my first contact was Leggie and Leggie cannot recall it to be so.  I knew Savante first.  For reasons best known to Savante, he gave me his contact and we chat.  That was four years ago when he was courting Charming Calvin.  Of course we all know now that Charming Cal is Leggie.  You all would recall how Savante wrote so much about his charming prince then.  I met Leggie when he moved into his current place.  We lost contact when he left for Beijing.  We then reconnected last November during my stormy days.  This again was after I asked Savante where his beau was.

So today I popped the question to Leggie.  Don't people gossip about us?  I am sure there must have been lots of gossips.  I had been asked if I was having Leggie for dinner!  If there is no gossip then they would not be themselves, so say Leggie.  A rich one far away and another by the doorstep.  We all had a good laugh.  I know all is said in jest and there is nothing sinister over all those gossips.  All is said in good humor.  I am glad that I did not eat anyone up.  I am no saint but I suppose I do respect people and have grown to use my head instead of my heart.   I am glad my head prevailed because I later found out that their princes are bloggers whom I have come into contact with.

The topic then revolved around my perceived wealth.  I told Leggie if I kick the bucket today, all these would go under.  Leggie then said that I own a few while others are struggling to own one.  The bank owns all of them!  By the way, the value of my car is slightly lower than that of a new proton saga!  I am not wealthy but I just am maybe kiasi.

I shall use this forum to share some thoughts with you all.  Make all the hay while the sunshine lasts.  Do not keep any more than is required in liquid form.  For the many of us who are on our own, we need to build a strong foundation for our old age.  If you do not have enough, start small. That was how I started. Hedge it against inflation.  That way you can ensure that your purchasing power remains intact. Forget about wealth creation if you cannot even ensure that your purchasing power remains protected.   However small that baby step is, it is a step into a better future.  Your boss will pay you enough so you would not quit and you would work just hard enough so you would not get fired.  Let's get real.  I have been on both sides and I know about gst malaysia
Life is Like That! 

Without going into details, we talked about someone I am hoping to get to know better.  I lamented that I shall need to be prepared to get hurt if I let my guard down again.  I am so not sure whether he will respond to my overture.

I wish you would let me get to know you better for a start.  Would you?


Koala Express said...

if u stop playing football after getting hurt, u'll never knew football completely. :) just play football. it comes with hurt n pain :) but if u luv football, it wont matter. :P

nicky05 said...

hahaha..you so quickly amended it.....Btw like your January and February post...hehe..the personal like...XD

plainjoe said...

well, take a leap of faith perhaps? but of course get ready a parachute just in case?

Skyhawk said...

All the best...I am sure he will....Cheers

William said...

I'm sure the gossips were all in good fun or else Savante would have gave you an indication already. LOL. Good luck in your new 'endeavour'!

carpe diem said...

Koala...You certainly are right.


plainjoe...Where to find the parachute?

Skyhawk...Thanks for the encouragement.

William...I am very happy and comfortable with the group. Thanks