Sunday, July 25, 2010


I thought it would be easy for the person to surface.  After all he wants to get to know me.  He has also asked for some physical activity.  It does not seem to be so.

The mails are getting more personal.  A little intense at times. 

I really do not want to know what happened to your private life or past affairs.  From what you have written, I sensed that you are troubled.  You display some symptoms of bipolar disorder.  I can sense your manic and depressive moods from your mails.  You should seek some help or talk to someone in private and confidence. 

I do not mind being your friend.  I can try help you in whatever way I can.  But it stops here.

Meanwhile I just have to be more careful.


Drew said...

hope he gets your message! good luck!

Koala Express said...

astalavista babe...

nicky05 said...

he just finding sex partner only...:)

savante said...

Hope he writes back. Seems like he needs a friend.

Lucifer said...

how did u diagnose him with bipolar mood disorder? based on DSM-IV criteria? hehe

William said...

On the new theme: Why an Oliphaunt?
Do you really wanna get yourself mired with him?

carpe diem said...

Drew...I hope so. Thanks.

Koala Express...?

nicky05...I don't know about that.

savante...You may be right.

Lucifier...Something like that.

William...I didn't know till much later. Kinda like the texture. I want a closure to this.