Monday, July 5, 2010

Weight Loss

A friend up North asked me how I was doing with my braces.  He himself wore it for a good six years.  He was telling me how I would lose weight. 

I did not lose that much so far.  The Orthodontist has not changed the wires yet.  So far he has just tightened them.  So after a day or two everything is back to normal.  When earlier on I had trouble eating, I have now gotten used to eating with the braces on.

Come to think of it, I did lose some weight.  I lost about three to five kilograms during the first week. to ten days   I noticed that the size of my arms have actually shrunk a bit. My trunk and leg muscles have also gone down.   It does not look good.  I thought it looked like I was a sickly or have been on drugs.  Obviously the lost was more on the muscles than anything else.

At about the same time I had started some weight training.  The body now looks a bit better.   I still have a lot of work to put in if I want to be look toned.  Maybe this time around, the unsightly loss of muscle mass will do the trick.  It will make me put in the consistent effort needed to get what I have always wanted. A toned body.

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Janvier said...

Hmmm don't recall losing weight when we had ours. More like we've always maintained at 50 then.