Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stalked At Again

I have been solicited recently.  Three incidents in two weeks!  I think they were mild and more of business in nature.  But I cannot confirm.  I am just a normal looking bloke.  I wondered why the fuss.

A few days back I received another usual, " I would like to know you better..." message.  The pattern seemed similar.    The difference is that this one came in through my private email address.  Except for the bloggers I know,  I do not recall giving my email address out to anyone in the fraternity.  I personally do not think there would be an issue letting this group of bloggers have my private email address.

I was curious as to who this person was.  I know my protocols very well.  I wondered how this soul got to my private email address.  Or could it be that someone I know is trying to probe my orientation.  As I was pretty tied up, I just simply told the person I do not recall knowing him.  I asked for his contact so I can verify who he was.  So this mail came in today:
"Remember I spoke to you briefly at the changing room? I am working as a PA. I am sorry I over heard your conversation with your contact where you gave your email address to. sorry about it. That's where you seems stressed and I did not manage to talk to you further. Attracted by your fair skin with nice looking hair. I thought you are Japanese. I am 30 years old and had a stable career. Are you married? Or in any relationship. Let me be frank! I am looking for friends to develop into a relationship. My sexual orientation is clear to you now and I will know that I would have judge you wrong if you do not reply me anymore.I would give you my hp after you reply this mail. I am average looking and fit if you could remember. "

I give him credit for his frankness.  I think my hair sucks.  I wish it would be thicker and not be as soft as a baby's. Thanks for the compliment.

I certainly must be more careful.  I should not simply blab out information in the public.  Obviously people are listening.  I shudder thinking what if it was a credit card verification process.  The other party would have got all my information when I answered the banker on the other side of the line.   Lastly I should just leave work aside before gym.  This has been stressing me out so much that I sometimes am just too tired to start my workout.  It defeats the whole purpose of working out.

I really must be more careful.  This I must remind myself always.


William said...

From time to time, we do hear people giving out their personal details over the phone or in conversations, but to be able to take note... he must really have a huge interest. Still, he should have just talked to you in person.

Skyhawk said...

We need to be vigilant when come to this...sometime it's too risky to reply to potential social engineering phone call/sms/mail that will expose our sexuality unnecessary. You may reply him but denying his assumption on your sexuality before proceed further, PROVIDED THAT you are keen to explore...else just ignore him...Cheers

Janvier said...

Goes to show, you still attract 'em! :)

Lucifer said...

omg!! i didn't know u were that hot. haha. so u r a FILF too? hey faster show me ur pics la.

so,u're not giving it a try?

carpe diem said...

William...I guess so.

Skyhawk...Yes. I learnt a lesson from this incident.


Lucifier...Haven't you seen? I am just a normal looking dude. You know that.