Monday, August 23, 2010


I drove to Pavilion again today. I think I have kinda fallen in love with this place.  Ha ha.

They normally wait for their victims at a certain place.  I have seen it so many times that I would not take any chance during the day.  It was almost nine in the evening and the street lights were not working.  It was pretty dim.  They should not be there at this hour.  So I thought.

I swerved into the lane confidently and there they were waiting.  I would normally make allowance for a detour, just in case they were there.  One of them walked to the fast lane, waved and flagged me down.  I was very tempted to just dodge them but my brain would not allow me to.

"Good evening. Where do you want to go? Do you know that you cannot come into this lane?  There is a sign on the board barring you from coming into the lane.  Did you not see it?"  He commented.

He was young, smooth, presentable and cut.  I was really not in a mood. I really despise this type of people. So not my type.  So I told him to write me his love letter.  I think he was still quite wet behind his ears.  He was like without a choice.  Scribbled and scribbled he did.  So this time I got to get my friend to help me.  What an evening.

Suddenly he then told me again that I should not cut into the lane.  That if there was no sign barring me from coming in, he would not have minded.  Ha ha.  Next thing I knew he let me off with a mild warning, "Next time go around.  Don't come straight in."  Since he decided to be nice, I cannot be rude right?  Even though he is so not my type.

I wish him well and we parted ways.


Skyhawk said...

You were lucky...or probably he was so lazy to write you the love letter...hahaha...what a young, smooth, presentable and cut BUT not your type.

William said...

"Cut"? XD

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...He was moonlighting

William...You know, most of them are.

Ultraman Jino said...

i think you told me this previously, kan? cari rezeki masa puasa and raya...

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