Saturday, August 21, 2010

BKK Part 3 - Shop sHop ShoP

I never envisage spending so much time and money on shopping.  I think this must be the first time I spent so much in such a short span of time.

Friday was spent at the tailor's.

First stop on a Saturday morning was at "Office".  Got my stuff done and I was off to Chatuchak.  Imagine walking and browsing the market for a good five hours.  Bought some t shirts.  Went back to the tailor's to fit the shirt and pants.  Later in the late evening I was at Silom.  Although I had been to BKK many times, this is the first time I stepped into this district.  Yeah, they are all over the place.  If the guy who sat beside me at the plane was here, he probably would have freaked out.  I walked into a sports shop there and bought a pair of Nike runners, some apparels and an Apple Nike wireless connection for the shoes.  They are much cheaper here because there is a sale.  Never would I have imagined buying these here in BKK.

I went back to Chatuchak again on Sunday.  I saw some A&F t shirts there.  I think they are rejects.  They fit me just nicely.  I tried looking for some Paul Frank for a friend but to no avail.  Bought some foodstuff, essential oils and massage oils for a friend.  This time I managed to get out of the market earlier.  I went back to the tailor's again to collect the clothes.  Very nice and they fit well.  I think the price was really cheap for the material used.  I was really pleased.  Since I was carrying so much things, I took a cab back to the hotel.

Showered.  Got out again and this time for a massage.  Nice quaint and clean place which had just opened for business two months ago.  Had a very good session.  Then it was off again for window shopping at Emporium.  Chinatown was next on the list.  Many shops were closed as it was Sunday.  The last stop was again at Silom.  I went for another round of massage.  The massage was good but the moment I declined a menu special, the mood changed.  So did the massage strokes.

Late Monday morning was spent looking for black glutinous rice.  Managed to find it after some running around.  Bought some green and red curry paste too.  I went back to the quaint shop for another round of massage.  Stopped by at Siam Paragon.  The supermarket and food court was really big and classy.  Bought some Nike apparels there.  Took the sky train to Central Chidlom. Bought three pairs of Energie jeans which I had always wanted to but never went on sale in KL.  This time there was a big discount.  It still burnt a hole in the pocket though.  I also bought a pair of dress shoes which was really soft and comfortable.  Together with the BB wallet, I had already spent what could be a month's salary.  All in a matter of less than three hours.

I remember telling Savante on FB that I would probably just be working out at the hotel gym and blogging while in BKK.  It never happened.

Now I think I will freak out when the credit card bill arrives!

ps. Part of this post was written on the last night in BKK.  The rest was in KL.

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