Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ortho Fix 2 - No Kissing & Further Weight Loss

I was at the Orthodontist's again a few days back.  There was a cute intern there.  After reclining the seat, he just asked me to open my mouth.  He never asked if he could check my teeth.  He ran his fingers all over my teeth and gums.

The orthodontist then came in.  Two more brackets were fixed onto each of the upper wisdom tooth.  There is hardly any space between the teeth and the inner cheeks.  Now that the brackets are fixed, the hooks are literally brushing against the flesh.  I can feel the scarring on the flesh.  The cheeks are swollen.  I can feel the pain when I touch my cheek.  So no kissing even on the cheeks.

My weight has gone down tremendously.  With the new brackets, I am going to lose more.  The pain, when the hooks brush against the flesh just make me feel so full and I hardly have any appetite to eat.   I don't think I like it this way.  I am sure I am losing some of my muscles too.   I need to do something about it.  I think weights at the gym and protein drink is the way to go. 


Skyhawk said...

Yes, losing weight mean losing muscle too...unless you cont' to gym and train up.

nicky05 said...

pain for beauty?..:D

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...Yeah, I really got to something about it.

nicky05...Yeah. We all desire the beauty don't we.

Legolas said...

Sacrifice comfort for beauty. Life philosophy there.

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. The idea of someone running his fingers all over my gums without permission is both gross and funny.


-aLEx- said...

Oh same case here for me. I lost so much weight for the first 5 days after having my braces on. I understand the pain =/

carpe diem said...

Legolas...A little discomfort for a permanent beauty

Fickle Cattle...Luckily he had gloves on

Alex...I am still losing it. But the gym workout has curtailed the loss.