Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost Boat

I was suppose to be at a steamboat gathering yesterday.  I was looking forward to the event.  After all SK does put in a lot of effort whenever she decides to cook and invite guests over.

Prior to that I met up with a friend.  We had something to bite.  He was going to LCCT later to pick up his friends from Taiwan.  We chat and I discovered that my friend had not booked any rooms for his Taiwan friends.  I told him that it was Saturday and it would be difficult to get rooms.  Most are taken up by visitors and people who need a room after their pick up in the clubs.   I don't think he wants to go looking for rooms from one hotel to the other.

I told him we should go look for the rooms.  Then I will send him to LCCT.  That way it will be a safer bet.  He apologized profusely for troubling me.  Of course there's no problem.  Here is a friend in need.

We managed to find one at BB.  I paid first for the three nights stay for his friends to secure the room.  After that I  sent him to the LCCT.  We arrived at about 8.45pm.  I think that was when I received two text messages that the party has been adjourned to a Kopitiam.  I arrived at about 9.30pm.  Two and a half hour late!!!

Apparently food was good and  I heard that the soup was tasty.  I suppose I shall have to wait for the next invite.

Sorry guys and gal for the delay but I think the good food would have overwhelmed my absence.  The food was just too tasty!

Anyway I am happy that I could help my friend and I would do the same to any other who happens to be in a  situation like this.


Koala Express said...

u owuz late 1 ah? better dont ask u out. :P but ur nice... helping ur fren. pay some more. :P

William said...

More food for us!

Legolas said...

Brownie points!

carpe diem said...

Koala Express...Not always but cannot help it this time. He paid me back. I don't print money le.

William...Yeah.But I know you guys are generous and would not mind sharing :)))

Legolas...You so understand me :)