Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weight Loss

When I was in BKK, I arranged for my suits to be altered.  They looked as if I was putting a shawl over me.  The tailor had the big book which he jots down the measurements.  I noted that I first had them tailored in October last year.  Less than a year later, my measurements have really shrunk quite a bit.

The tailor was a little taken aback.   He was mumbling something to his colleague about the weight loss.  I never really realized that I have indeed lost so much in size.  The weight loss was less than six percent but I had lost more than fifteen centimeters in total from all body parts where it matters.  While measuring the crotch area, he remarked in a jest that it had shrunk too.  A little shocked, I asked what the measurement was the last time?  He smiled and remarked that it had not changed.  That would have spelt trouble if it did.  Nice try Mr. Singh!

Just a few days back, a friend whom I have not met for a few months was also very surprised.  He commented, like a new year, I was like a new me!

Yes. I am flattered.

The braces started the trick going.  The weights at the gym workout helped to ensure that there was no muscle loss while the cardio workout helped trim it down further.  I think I am now at my slimmest and fittest.  Of course it can get better and it should.

There are so many choices of clothes to wear now.  It makes me look better and feel better.

That is a sure confidence booster!


子扬 said...

the density of muscle is higher than fat

Congratulaions :D

carpe diem said...

子扬...Thanks. Hope to join you for your jogs soon.

William said...

Time to shop for sexier swim suits?

savante said...

Or Speedos!

Skyhawk said...

and also 2(x)ist tight singlets....

Ultraman Jino said...

people say i got thinner whenever they see me. don't know if it's good or bad.

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