Saturday, September 25, 2010

Facing the Firing Squad

Tomorrow is the day.  The condominium Annual General Meeting will be held in the morning.  I am a little stressed.  I have been involved for more than two years now.  Many projects have been implemented.  Some systems have been put in place.  The condominium is now in a better shape then when we took over from the developer.  Prices of the units have also appreciated more than 30%.

So why the stressed?  After all the owners should be grateful, shouldn't they?

People are never satisfied.  They do not want to contribute.  All they do is complaint and complaint.  Human beings are selfish by nature.  That is the basic survival instinct.  The extent of their selfishness depends on their mental and psychological set up.  Their mental state of mind and the environment they have been brought up and the environment they are in now shapes their thoughts.

A big majority if not all those who will attend the meeting tomorrow would have a bone to pick.  In our culture, we seldom see people coming to support a good cause.  Almost all who are satisfied will not be around tomorrow.  After all they have nothing to quarrel about.  That leaves the handful of us to defend what has been implemented.  That leaves our lonely voice to justify why we do what we have to do.  What is good for the majority must prevail over what is good for a few.   This somehow is very abstract to some people.

Before this a handful of the owners and residents were very unhappy with what we were implementing.  Our cars were scratched over and over again.  Yes.  Not once. Many many times on the same car.  Rotten food debris were strewn on the cars.  There were commotions.  Accusations after accusations were leveled at us.   They took offense when even their friendly politician cautioned them that what we were doing was right and for the benefit of all.

Short of having chairs and papers flying around in the hall, last year's Meeting was rowdy.  It reminded me of events akin to some meetings of some political party we read from the newspapers.

Whatever we do we do for free.  We actually spend our money.  Forget about the time and effort expended.  The cost for stationery, telephone calls, petrol and miscellaneous items  would have been a sum to start with.  What I cannot stomach is how these people can come and tell us how they want it done.  How they question our integrity in the most bizarre and unthinkable and illogical manner.  Their way.  And they have the cheek to tell us that those who are not in the meeting have by default abrogated their rights.  The mob wants it done their way. 

Unlike last year, this time around the owners have been pretty docile and have remained quiet so far.  Silence does not mean contentment.  Still waters run deep.  I shall not be surprised if we see some fireworks.  I will be surprised if there is none.  We shall wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Many things have happened over the week.  It has been a very stressful one.  I am completely exhausted and drained.  What you see on the surface is not what is in the heart and mind.  The heart is bleeding and the  mind is still trying to decipher.  The show is pretty mine.  I hope I will pull it through tomorrow morning without losing my temper and cool.

Wish me luck..Yes.  Lots of it.


Skyhawk said...

It's not easy to be RA, and it's human behaviour that no compliment for good things done but criticism when problems occurred. I used to be one, but decided to quit due to my busy schedule. Good luck man!

Legolas said...

I don't think I'll care that much next time as long as they do a rather decent job. Because like you said I won't do it myself and they're doing it for free.

Ultraman Jino said...

humans take things lightly and mostly for granted. it's sad to learn that the charity we do is not appreciated.

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