Friday, May 14, 2010


I typed "What's ur..".  Next thing I knew the car lost speed.  I tried accelerating but could not.  I pressed the gas pedal again but to no avail.  Maybe I have accidentally shifted the gear to neutral.  That was not the case.  All in a split  second.    I pressed the hazard signal on, my leg pressed onto the brake pedal and my left hand pulled the hand brake.  The car came to a standstill It was human brain and reflex working all at the same time in an emergency.  In that split second I accidentally pressed the "send" button.

The car came to a standstill on the fast lane of an uphill two lane viaduct on Jalan Pantai heading towards Kerinchi.  The gentleman behind me in the Estima was alert enough to stop.  I reckon he is one of the more cultured and refined motorist.  He was calm and did not honk.  He signaled, waited for the vehicles on his left to clear off, then maneuvered away from my car and sped off.  The rest behind him followed suit.

I switched off the engine.  After waiting for a while, I tried cranking it again but to no avail.  I tried a few more times.  In between a few calls were made to both my mechanics. One will be on his way soon while the other who specializes in this car is still trying to figure out if he should come.  I later found out that his wife is unwell.

Meanwhile, I sat in the car, viewed the rear mirror and watched in suspense the speed of the cars moving towards my stalled car.   Most were speeding, even though they going uphill at a gradient of approximately twenty plus degrees.  There were a few close calls.  One Persona stopped right on time just behind my car.  I got out of my car.  It was just so very dangerous.  I wanted to make sure I do not make third page news the next day.

The first mechanic arrived.  The diagnosis narrowed down to the defective fuel pump.  He tried many different novelty ways to get the car started again but to no avail.   I resigned myself to the fate that I would have to get my wheels ferried to the workshop.  It sure will cost me a bundle at this time of the night.  I asked the other mechanic to come.  He specializes in this car make.  Hopefully something will work out.

Sigh..  I took out my iPhone.  It is my move. It has been for a while already now.  "Words With Friends",  is a kind of scrabble like game.  I have started  playing it with two person simultaneously.  One I have met, the other I have not.  I am actually hooked onto this game.   I am not going to think of the car for the time being.   The mechanic's car is behind mine.  So there is also no worries of the fast moving vehicles smashing onto mine.

An hour and a half later the other mechanic came.  After checking, diagnosing, dismantling and refixing some of the fuel pump components up and checking again, he found out that the fuse to the fuel pump has blown.  The fuse was replaced.  The car was cranked and it started.  So off I drove while having my eyes fixated on the next move with my opponents on the Word game.

This early morning at 7.56am I got a text message: 
"Hi. What's my what?" 
Took a while for me to figure it out.  Then I realized.  I sent him a text to with words to this effect:
 "As I was texting you, my car died!!!"

I had wanted to invite him to play the Word game with me.  I did not know what his ID was.  I do not think he would use his pseudonym because his orientation would be to obvious to all.  Nice fella.  He is a smarty.  So that is why I hope to play Words with him.  I cannot wait for him to thrash me.  I am still waiting for him to reply with his ID. 


William said...

Still got mood for Scrabble hor! Lucky nothing untoward happened.

Ultraman Jino said...

there was once my car died too. fuel meter was not functioning properly and i was driving on mrr2 when my gas was totally depleted. luckily the nearest esso was 30 minutes walking distance.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Janvier said...

Texting while driving!

We're gonna slow down on the Words With Friends unless we're in a wifi spot! The adverts play merry hell on our data usage!