Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

Many times I do not know why certain things happen the way it does.  I used to and still does wonder why sometimes my life does not flow as smooth as I would like it to.  Events will just flare up.  One issue after another pops up.  It is like you trying to plug a hole on a water bottle and suddenly you find more and more holes and they just overwhelm you.  I wonder what kind of shit luck I always get into.  I have experienced situations like this countless times.  So much so that I no longer fight the flow. Apparently my life path is such that I will have to work for everything I want in my life and that it never would come easy.

So recently I got another dose of it.  I missed my flight to Shanghai.  I was pretty dazed.  As much as I was anxious and dragging myself, I really wanted to go.  After all I don't print money and I certainly should not have wasted it like this.  Imagine if I had donated it to a charity!   I was also thinking of a whole wasted public holiday spent packing, going to the airport and then back again.  Almost a whole day lost.

The afternoon got better.  I went for my jog and did a new best.  Longer distance with shorter time.  It still is a far cry from what an experienced runner would do.  But it is a small baby step in the right direction.

Dinner was with some blogger friends.  That was when a text came in asking where I was and whether I was free.  I texted back that I was having dinner and what is up?  You replied that it was alright and that I should have my dinner first.  I did not feel too good about this reply.  I know you are a person who does not want to trouble people.  But something is not right.  I had this funny feeling.  I certainly did not expect to hear from you, not at least till the end of this week.  So I called. The ringing tone changed to busy.  Another text message came in.  You were not feeling well and you asked if I could get you some food.  I could but I can only excuse myself after the dinner.  I did not want their tongues to go wagging!  You told me you were not hungry and I should continue with my meal first.  Past nine in the evening I texted you again if you wanted soupy noodles or porridge.  You asked for porridge. You apologized for the trouble you were causing and thanked me profusely for my effort.  Not an issue really.

Porridge was finally delivered to you at about ten forty five in the night.  Yes it was really late.  Any soul would be so hungry by now.  I hope you did not get gastritis.  I told you how sorry I was and you say you were not hungry anyway.  You were just being courteous and diplomatic.  I later found out that you finished two packets of porridge in one sitting!  So you were not hungry!

I texted you the next day to find out how you were doing?  You replied with a question.  You asked if you could come over to study because your place was hot.  No problem really.  Except that I am already out.  I shall be back in the later part of the day.  You were alright with coming over later.  By the time I could pick you up, you were already studying at a public joint with your housemate.  You did not want to trouble me but I pointed out to you that it is noisy studying there is it not?  You say maybe later.

I went and bought some groceries and food stuff to cook.  I have never cooked for maybe over a year now.  So there is nothing in the larder or fridge which I could use for cooking.  That includes the condiments.  I wanted you to eat something nutritious and home cooked minus the MSG.  However I was not sure if you would come over.

I arrived back home and texted you that you could choose.  Either you come over for dinner or I pack dinner for you and your housemate.  I am certainly cooking and I would like you to eat something healthy.  It will keep your spirits high in times like this.  Something home cooked.  As I was sending the message out to you, you were also texting me.  You asked if I could come and pick you up.  I did.  In the car, I told you that you could stay over at my place.  Nothing is going to happen.  You can sleep in my room and I can use the couch.  Not a problem at all.  I just wanted you to be as comfortable as possible.  Your finals were just lurking around the corner in less than seventy two hours.

You studied while I cooked.  We had dinner together.  I think the food was palatable.  We finished almost all of it.  I told you to go study while I cleaned up.  I made you more herbal drinks.  I let you indulge in some Haagan- Dazs, which you should not be eating because you were not well.  I could not resist perking your spirits up.

Late in the night you asked if you could stay over.  Of course you are welcomed to.  I fetched you back to take your clothes and study notes.  You slept in my room.  I kept my bargain.  I slept outside at the couch.  It was not really a problem for me because I had to couch custom made so I could sleep on it!  More importantly I wanted you to know that I always shall try to keep my end of the bargain.

You spent the next day studying.  I could hear you trying to memorize in the room.  Your study place moved from my study on the first night to the bedroom in the morning of the second then back again to my study.  By nightfall you were studying at the living area.  The next morning you were studying while having breakfast. I can see and feel the stress and tension in you.  Your notes were so thick and the writings were so small.  It reminded me of the sweat, blood and toil during my varsity days.  I now also remember why I never would have studied your discipline.  I am never good at memory work what more trying to memorize the Greek, Latin and chemical names.

I had you around till Sunday late morning when you told me that your housemates were a bit worried and wanted you back.  After a trip to the clinic and quick lunch, I sent you back.

Everything that happens, happens for a reason.  I know that too well.  At the airport I told myself quietly that it could be a blessing in disguise.  Maybe something untoward would have happened to me if I was in Shanghai.  The thought of something happening to the plane also crossed my mind.

Indeed it was a blessing in disguise.  When I asked you for dinner on Monday and Tuesday, you texted me that you need to have dinner with your mates last whole week.  Never in my wildest imagination that I would have you over my place for two nights.  That we would be having breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

I am not into anything physical.  Not at least you and I are sure what we want from each other.  I am happy that you chose to come over my place instead of your blood relations'. I thank you for your trust in me.  That really meant a lot to me.  I hope that you got a better insight of me as I have of you and GST

I like your character and personality.  I like your maturity.   I like to get to know you better.  I hope you could let me have a little space in your heart so that you can get to know me better too.  Since nothing comes easy for me, I shall work on it.


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Wish you all the best!

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He sounds like a good boy! :)

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