Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

While many of you may be celebrating and counting down, I was just too tired on the eve. 

The suddenly announced public holiday disrupted my plans.  I would be away and unavailable from 3 January 2011 onwards till I don't know when.  So the last working day of the year was really crucial for me.  I of course sighed in my heart, not daring to let it out.  I was sure the rest of the work force would be asking for my blood had they known that I was not too happy with the holiday.

Anyway I retired and slept at about 10.30pm after wishing a friend Happy New Year.  It was a pretty long text message.  Woke up again by the noisy fireworks at 12ish.  Tossed and turned in bed and slept again till the next morning.

I was slightly late but the contractor I engaged to work on Legolas' palace arrived even later.  Checked my text messages while waiting for the contractor. There were quite a number of New Year greetings.  Yes.  My friend did wish me at 12.06am.  As usual, a person of little words the message was simple but sweet.

Met the contractor.  Got hold of the Elf. We later went for lunch after a stop at the electrical shop which I  normally go. 

It may be a bit too late but anyway, better late than never. Happy New Year folks.  May this year be a better one and I wish you all all the wonderful and great things you all wished for. 


Skyhawk said...

You are not alone...i was sighed out loud for that holidays, esp it was last day of the year. Nonetheless, wish you a great year ahead....

Life for Beginners said...

May this year be an excellent one for you - Carpe Anno! :D