Friday, April 8, 2011

Today 7 April

Today has been an exceptional day indeed.  I cannot remember when it was when everything went so smoothly.

I went into meeting today hoping to try wriggle a discount or something from the contractor.  We were suppose to pay them their dues from the insurance claim.  I told myself maybe try for a couple of thousand ringgit.  I did not have to lift a finger too much.  They offered to install six industrial size exhaust fans FOC where we needed it most to ventilate the machines.  That's a whopping savings of a lot of money!

The car is finally done.  I downgraded the shocks to original specification earlier.  But I realized that the ride is not stable during high speed.  Good things do not come cheap I suppose.   So finally I would be able to ride it like what it used to be.  The rides during the last month was really uncomfortable and dangerous.

The restaurant manager was on leave.  We normally would like him to take our orders.  We like our food a little bland, with less oil and salt.  His stand in was able to accede to our needs. This is not always the case. So the food was good and we enjoyed the lunch.

The vendor's lawyer finally forwarded the redemption sum to my solicitor, after a three week delay.  First the vendor tried to frustrate the deal by giving one excuse after another.  Then they came up with a completely lopsided contract that cannot be performed.  Took the bull by its horns.  The deal took more than a year to get through.  So I finally will get what is mine from the beginning.

The sun finally shone as I arrived home. I managed to get my car washed.  And it did not rain after the wash. A good sign indeed because I can almost bet that it will always rain after the wash.  Yes, no matter how sunny it is!

My handyman called in today.  He is free and ready to work on my home.  Well the long wait is finally over.  He can come over and work on them before they fall apart.  Just when I needed him most, he appears!!!

To cap it all, I finally managed to taste the Snowflakes dessert.  I watched in dismay the queue at the only place I know that served it.  Pavilion.  Finally, today, at of all places, at Kuchai Lama, I was treated to one by a friend.

I must say a prayer later so that this continues for the rest of my living days.


thompsonboy said...

I heart in SS15 though

tuls said...

yay!! snowflakes ss15 is where i always go to!! nearest to my place! hahaha.. the place hike jor.. rm1 extra for item.. so mahals.. used to be rm5.50 per bowl nia.. sienz..

coco loco my favourrite!! :) wohooo!!

welcome back!

Whizkid said...

Good tat yesterday is a good day for you. Hope more of those days XD

whenever I go to berjaya times square, my friend will dragged me to go to pavilion to try the snowflake.