Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If we are meant to be.....

From the beginning...

You looked stunning.  Smiling and grinning from ear to ear, I can see your beautiful set of teeth.  You were wearing sunglasses and flashing a Victory sign.  The scenery is beautiful.  You were sitting on what I believed is a donkey or a miniature horse. I thought maybe it was at Machu Picchu.

I also noticed that you wrote down in your profile that you are a professional, working at 3 different locations  What kind of job is that which requires you to travel to 3 different locations so far a part?   Hmm...sounds interesting and I was certainly curious.  Curious about the place the stock photo was taken and also the kind of job you hold.

So I decided to pop the question in an email to you:
Nice picture u took. Can I get to know u better as a friend? Wat do u work as?

You replied on 1 November at 9.27am:
Hi, sure...just add me in msn: @*&^$@yahoo.com. May be we can chat more over there

I am seldom online.  What more during working hours.  But I decided to come home early one late afternoon.  For whatever reason, I signed on to the MSN and I noticed that you were online.  So I greeted you with some simple pleasantries.  We chat for a while.  As usual I always keep my guard up and asked many questions without telling much about myself.  When you did ask, I was evasive and did not tell you much.  I realized that you were not very comfortable with me and I decided to make amends.  We continued and exchanged contact nos. just before you signed off.

I waited for you to sms for me to call you later that evening.  That was our agreement.  You did.  We chat for a whole hour or two.  It was as if we have lost touch for a long time and were trying to catch up on the old good days!  The fact of the matter is that we hardly know each other for more than a few lines of conversation through cyberspace.

You were nice to chat with, polite and courteous.  Our conversation revolved around almost everything except what normally people like us would be talking about or asking.  I was pleasantly surprised too.  I found out who you were, where you worked, etc.  Early next morning I sent you a text message.  You asked why am I up so early?  I really don't know.  I suppose I was excited.  We seemed to have so much to share so much so that we continued with this chat over the next few days. We also texted each other over the days.  I was looking forward to chatting with you.  Though young, your thoughts are mature and you can certainly carry a conversation well. You make me tick.

As it was my birthday on that weekend, I invited you to have a meal with me.  Just you and me.  Normally it would be just another boring day.  Nothing really happens on my birthday.  I could sense that for some reason you were more than happy to meet me up to!  So this year my birthday would be different.

to be continued...


kenni said...

I'm hooked!

Medie007 said...

interesting... looking forward for the write-ups of the meeting. ;)

Julian S said...

Welcome to the blog sphere!

Got the link to your blog after reading your comment at one of the blogs that I follow.

I find your blog captivating. Interesting stories made simple by coherent narrative.

Your nom de plume and writing style make me guess that you are working in the legal field.

Anyway, nice reading your blog and I look forward to your next post.

carpe diem said...

kenni...read on

Medie007...more will come

Julian S...thanks for the kind words. I'm not from the legal field. I identify myself closely with some of the characters in the movie Dead Poets' Society.