Sunday, September 12, 2010

Club Med Kani Maldives

Breakfast in bed followed by coffee house breakfast.  Then late breakfast for the late risers. Small bites at the pool side and bar.  Lunch followed by late lunch.  Again bites and drinks at the bar. Then evening cocktails and champagne followed by dinner.  Free flow of drinks all day long.

Sheer glutony if I did not control yourself.

We arrived late in the evening.  The speed boat took about half an hour to arrive at Club Med Kani Maldives.  After a welcome drink and quick briefing we were taken to our chalets.  Perched on the Indian Ocean, it was breathtaking.  I am sure the morning view would be better.  The water chalet opens out to a deck area where you can literally step down and swim in the Indian Ocean.  The bathroom and vanity area was equivalent to another deluxe room. It came with a bath tub which looks out to the ocean. The whole area was glassed.  So unless you are an exhibitionist, the curtain needs to be drawn. There was a walk in robe and separate lounge area.

There was a bottle of champagne, welcome fruits, cup noodles, cookies and gourmet coffee with the usual fizzy drinks.  All inclusive. I thought that was cool.  But after that night, save for the drinking water, almost all the other food and drinks were untouched.  There was food and drinks everywhere all the time.

The morning was breathtaking. I can hear the waves beating the wave barrier breaks.  The sky was clear and blue with cumulus.  The early morning was serene.  Birds were chirping everywhere.  Some fresh flowers were falling onto my path as I walk by.  Everywhere the staff wished you a good morning.

The views were stunning.  I walked the clean pristine beach.  Soft powdery with pearlish hue.  It certainly gave me another perspective of what life should be.

There were two sessions of snorkeling each day.  I decided to try the water sports first.  Went on the catamaran for half an hour.  I think it would be quite easy to steer one.  The waves were a little choppy as the tide was coming in.  So I decided not to canoe.  The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing around.  A water plane landed at the jetty to fetch some guests to island hop.

The sunset was stunning.  Over an hour, the yellow rays turned orangy and then red, silhouetting the water chalets.  The reflection from the ocean lit the chalet stilts before the sun disappears completely in the far horizon.  Just sitting down and viewing the dusk was so exhilarating.  You let go all that baggage in the head you brought from the city and watch nature color for you minute by minute then second by second as the day draw to a night.

The beach is now filled with people listening to live music.  Cocktails and finger food is served.  We had the privilege of using the facility of a lounge specially for guests from the water chalets.  For these guests, food was served to you at your coffee table with unlimited helpings.  Dinner was at the coffee house.

As the night grew, there were stage shows, live band and a disco at different parts of the resort.  I decided to just sit at the lounge, drink and look out to the sea.  Yeah, I know I am boring.  But that is life to me.  Sitting down doing nothing and let the world go by.

Breakfast is always my favourite.  So I ordered breakfast in bed the night before.  I got up early, explored the island.  I was really tempted to go for a jog but could not because the breakky was suppose to be served at 7.30am the time I asked for it to be served.  The servers came and set the coffee table.  Laid down the food and it was one of the best breakfast I have had.

Snorkeling was next.  We had to pass  a water confidence test. They then brought us out.  I was a little surprised because they stopped in the middle of the sea.  The water was choppy and we were going to snorkel there.  It was a little daunting.   I jumped in first then the rest from the boat followed.  The soft corals were not that great at this site.  There were fishes, all kinds including the clown.

I decided to swim at the chalet after we arrived back from the snorkel.  A little shock and taken aback.  The waves were pretty strong and it was carrying me away from my chalet.  After one final try I stood up and were glad that the tide had not come in completely yet.  I managed to walk back to the deck on my chalet.

Lounged and surfed the net after that and ate a late lunch.  Dinner was at a fine dining outlet.  There was then a costume party after that - Pirates of the Carribean!

On the last day, we walked the beach again.  I must come back here with the person I so longed for....whoever that person may be, I vowed to myself.  This trip is so missing that person.  As the departure was in the evening, we checked out in the morning and I sat at the beach under the shade.  Slept, woke up and dozed off again.  Woke up, looked out into the ocean, thought of what life is, should be and must be.  I promise myself someday down the road, everyday should and must be like this day.

I shall come back again one day soon with you!!!

ps.  I later found out that the water chalet cost RM2500 a night!


savante said...

Oh good gracious! Giler punya mahal!

William said...

Maldives... ahhh. I would prefer if the sea was calmer. Why no pics?!

Legolas said...

Looks like it's one place that I will have to go myself. Like Redang.

Skyhawk said...

Wow...Maldives, my dream place...hope to go there one day with my love one. You really enjoy life huh....

nicky05 said...

Woah~~ it seems that you enjoy ur single life so much.

Antinous said...

I concur the same regarding returning to Maldives with that someone special. Surprisingly, I don't find you boring at all. I woulda done the same thing sitting in the lounge with background music and watching the sea! Paradise indeed!

Antinous said...

The real pleasures of life and indeed, I concur on the part of bringing that someone special along the next time. Don't find you boring at all, I would have done the same thing, sitting in the lounge area and watching the waves...

carpe diem said...

savante...It sure is expensive but I did not pay for it.

William...Hopefully will post some pics later.

Legolas...We all can go together, the whole gang.

Skyhawk...Yeah you must Skyhawk, with him.

nicky05...I wish there was someone else there with me :)

Antinous...We think alike :)