Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disease and Death

This has been a month of disease and death.

This is only the second week of the month.  I already come to know of three deaths. 

My colleague's father passed away after getting a heart attack for the third time. 

My best friend's father in law passed on after a massive stroke.  That is after a tumour the size of a soccer ball was removed from the liver.  The cancer then spread to the backbone.  Another operation was performed.  The lung was infected and collapsed.  Then came the massive stroke.

I helped a friend put an obituary for his founding partner's death.  He lived up to the ripe old age of 80 plus.

On the disease side a close friend's mum was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.  The chances of survival is maybe 5%.

It made me think hard. Life is so fragile.  It makes me wonder what and why I am sometimes sulking, ranting and fussing about.  My problems seem so small compared to all that some of my friends and colleagues have gone through.  I am sure many more people are facing bigger challenges in their life. 

I thank thee for all I have.  I thank thee for protecting my family, friends, acquaintances and myself.  I pray that there shall be abundance for all.  I pray that there shall be nothing that is insurmountable for anyone that is facing the challenges in their life.


Skyhawk said...

We should be thankful of what we have.

thompsonboy said...

I always live for the day in many ways....

William said...

Every day is a day of disease and death, just that thankfully life spares us the thought now and then.

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...we should. Life is fragile.

thompsonboy...We can only do so much. The rest we leave to fate.

William...We all should be mindful of our existence here.