Thursday, December 23, 2010


Out of the blue I received this text message from a fellow blogger:
Him: Do you have a brother XXX(my surname) something?
Me : What?@*$&($&@#*(In my mind, How can he get this close!)

So I sent him this text:
Me : You trying to say my mum has another husband?
Him: (He is) Not a doctor?
Me:  We both are!

I think he was a little drunk.  Probably his eyes must be drooling at the slices of pork being brought out by the waitress or maybe the waiter himself!

He was really funny. I never thought he would ask in that manner.  And it was probably my once of a lifetime chance to get even with this very witty fella.

Good on you mate!


SynchingZincInc said...

Merry Xmas ^^


carpe diem said...

SynchingZincInc...Merry Xmas.