Sunday, December 19, 2010


Me:  U have so much clothes to wash?  Two washes per week!
        (I only wash at most once per week!)
Him: Yes. I change clothes all the time.
Me:  Even at home? ( I know his routine pretty well.)
Him: Everytime I don't like ady, I change.
Me:  (In my mind.) What kinda weird behaviour.

There was a long pause and the topic of conversation changed.  Feeling dissatisfied, I revisit the topic again.

Me:  I am a bit astonished as to how you can change your clothes like that.
Him: When I come back home, I change to my exercise attire.
        After a shower, I change again.
        Then when I wake up the next day, I change into a new set of clothes.
        Everytime I shower I change my clothes.
Me:  Ok. (I actually thought that he changes his clothes randomly every two
        to three hours!)

While the conversation was on how much clothes were changed in a day, there was certainly some lessons for me.  It could have been on other more sensitive and tricky issues. 

How many times have we made assumptions?  How many times have we come to conclusions?  How many times have we perceived things, actions and situations which we later found out to be untrue?

How often have we allowed these myopic perception of ours to hurt our loved ones? How many times have we questioned their unconditional love  because of our own norms and perceived notion?  How many times have we passed judgment only to find out later and sometimes too late that the situation is not such?

We think what we want to think and we behave how we want to behave because we decide to.  But the true picture out there may not necessarily be so.

All because of our mistrust, misconception and insecurity.

Feed your mind the wrong food and you see how it roams wild. Rein it.  Be mindful of its ability. Control it. You will see how it can move mountains.


Skyhawk said...

So true. When we feed our mind with negative input, all assumptions made will be bad. But mind is so complicated that most time is beyond our control.

Darren said...

remember to apply it, skyhawk on what u understand fr this post...:P

carpe diem said...

Skyhawk...We just have to control our mind less it runs wild and ruin our life and the life of our loved ones.

Darren...I am sure he will.