Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dinner today was at Favola.  Mains were Bolognaise, Aglio Olio and Lasagna while dessert was Casatta and Choc Pudding.  The food was tasty and good.  There was not a hint of the heavy cheesy taste.

This is my second time to the outlet.  The first was when they just opened for business. While the lighting during my first visit was very dim, this  time around it was a little bit too bright for my liking.  It made the ambiance looked like a family restaurant instead of a fine dining outlet.

The normal average household would be having an ala carte meal at the neighborhood coffee shop.  Here you witness the rich and affluent doing the same but at a fine diner.  They were all dressed up to the hilt.  A handsome young lad who walked in with his gal was in his finest semi formals.  I bet my last dollar his undies is branded too.  The ladies were in their evening dress and stilettos.  An Indian couple came with their son.  They ordered a bottle of champagne.  There must at least be either a doctor or lawyer at that table.
This outlet has a story to tell.  I remember buying an acquaintance dinner during the first visit. The next day he texted me if I could be his godfather!  When I told him that we could be friends, he declined saying that he already has enough friends!  I was bowled over.  My jaw dropped and I was stunned momentarily.  More than momentary really.   It shook  me to the core.  I was a little worked up for the rest of the day.   Hello, I am older than you but not old enough to be your godfather.  Just what are you trying to say and imply?

The doctor's prince was pretty amused when I regurgitate the story to him at the dinner table.  Knowing that he has bought a castle on the air and the doctor is on his way to his millions soon, I could not help but popped out the same question.  He laughed his head off.

Dinner was good.  Company was great.  At RM100.65 to be split both ways, it was a reasonably priced meal.


plainjoe said...
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plainjoe said...

Godfather or an outright desperate measure to get you to be his Sugardaddy? I think the former is a sheer but failed attempt to be politically correct.

William said...

carpe diem said...

plainjoe...I think you are spot on.

William...Yes. That blog post says it all.