Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Gym

I was at the gym early Saturday morning.  Normally I would not be up so early.  Well, it is already late morning to some people anyway.  It was already past 10 am when I arrived in town.  Normally I would go to another outlet.  I have a lunch appointment nearby later.  So the reason for the workout here.  This is the first time exercising here since it was relocated.

The changing room was big, clean and airy unlike the one that I normally go to.  A guy was at the locker.  He was in his undies.  It was like he was going to be there forever.  I think he must be waiting to be hunted.

I got changed. He was still there. Walking to and fro between the locker and the vanity area.  I got out.  Walked down a flight of steps.  I walked towards the internet area.  I logged onto FB and saw this tinny little picture of a mafia godfather asking to befriend me.  On a closer look, he was Leggie.  Yeah.  I have known him for a while since Savante introduced him to me.  It is only now that we are FB friends. 

I proceeded to the cardio machine.   A blue colored rectangular piece of  something was sitting neatly in the water bottle hold.  An iPhone it was.  Someone left it there.  I started on my treadmill.  A little chat ensued.  I was debating whether I should surrender it to the counter?  Or shall I keep the iPhone?  Don't get me wrong.  I do not intend to keep it for myself.  What if the counter staff pocketed it?  After a short debate I decided to continue with my cardio.  If the owner realizes, he will come back for it.  If he does not, I shall take it home.  Of course I shall let the staff know.  The rightful owner can come claim it from me.

Half an hour into my cardio, two guys walked towards the cardio area.  He counted the machines and walked towards mine.  One of them looked at the water hold on the left.  The iPhone was not there.  I had already moved it to the right water bottle hold.   They moved away looking a little worried.  I was too engrossed in my workout to stop.  I was also wondering what their next move was.

Shortly, they came back.  The friend was with a cell phone calling the iPhone no.  This time I waved to them and asked if they were looking for it.  I was pretty sure that the rightful owner is here.   First, he could identify exactly which machine he was on.  Secondly he knew exactly where he put it.  Lastly his friend is now calling the mobile no.

I could see the relieve on his face.  The owner was dumbstruck and could not say a word. He probably could not believe his luck.  His friend thanked me profusely on his behalf. 

I know exactly he felt when he found out about his loss.   The bloke was just the average Joe Doe like us.  It would be an excruciating heartbreak if he lost it.  I did not take possession of the something that was not mine.  Never mind the finders keepers rule.  I was pleased with myself for that.

After workout, I toweled myself.  I walked past the sauna and went into the steam room.  It was clean.  There was someone watching out from the sauna.  Next thing I knew, he came into the steam room.  He had a smooth and reasonably toned body and a decent face.  I know what he wants.  Since he was not in luck, he left for the shower. 

A short while later I went into the shower stalls.  Another person was waiting there.  He obviously had not worked out at all.   His body was dry.  His hair was too.  There was not a single drop of sweat on his body.  I showered and went back to the steam.  He followed suit.  He came in, sat down and let down his towel till you could see the hair.  An invitation. The RSVP was not forthcoming.  A while later after the final steam, I left.


C'est la vie said...

LOL, I tot there would be something hanky panky. You just paused your post like that. :P

Skyhawk said...

Wow, so many inviting incidents that can't turn you on...that's right approach not to simply pass the lost & found items to the gym counter...

William said...

Goodness, at every turn in the gym. :S
Good deed for the day. Check. :)

carpe diem said...

C'est la vie...No nothing happened

Skyhawk...:). Yeah. It is not any normal gadget. Besides it is costly. So the reason for not leaving it at the counter.

William...Happens quite often. Thanks.