Monday, June 28, 2010

Ortho Fix 1

Six weeks has passed since I had my braces on.

I arrived in the afternoon and was the first patient for that session.  In the room there was a reasonably huge Indian lady.  I asked the nurse if doc was in.  She answered in affirmative.  I later found out that the lady was an intern.

I told the Orthodontist to look into the wires which seemed to have somewhat dislodged from the brackets.  I could feel the Orthodontist remove some of the wires.  He then tightened the wires.  He is skillful.  His hand movements were quick, swift and confident.  That however did not stop him from accidentally hurting me when the tip of the wire poked the lips.  There was blood.

Now the wires are much tighter.  I was told by the person who can only be my friend that the tension of the wire will set in a few days later.  We shall see.

William in his post wondered how it feels during smooching.  The tongue would not get caught at the gaps between the teeth and the wires.  The gap is simply too small.  The other person may get to taste the food debris stuck though.  But one thing for sure, the tongue may get hurt.  The brackets are quite sharp depending on where your tongue is coming from.  The metal brackets at the wisdom teeth have hooks.  At the moment, the inner hooks are not used as yet.  Some of the porcelain brackets also have extensions coming out from the brackets.  

I can imagine.

During the height of the moment....  Lips locked.  Eyes closed. The warm tongue swirls and explores.  The feel gets more intense.  The rhythm of the heart races from allegro to vivace.  Blood in the body gushes towards the head making you feel hot. Your flag is at full mast.  All at the same time. The swirling continues. The two body convulses and the point of no return is almost reached.  Then all the sudden, the tongue gets pricked by the sharp hook at the wisdom teeth.


Koala Express said...

dont quite understd. ur professional french kisser? demo pls. :P

plainjoe said...

LOL. carpe diem, the hook is for rubber bands at the later stage...well, from my experience, no tongue casualties...

William said...

"Emmm... blood...", perfect for a vampire kissing scene. :P

carpe diem said...

Koala Express...That I shall have to learn.

plainjoe...It is poking on my inner lips. Surely it will poke the other party too.

William...That will be at the neck area. Maybe more than a kiss. A bite and chew.

savante said...

Ouch. Gonna take a while to get used to it. Till then it's porridge every once in a while.