Monday, June 21, 2010


Recently some bloggers and visitors have complained that they were unable to view my blog or have not been able to post comments.  We'll it is not that I get an awful lot of traffic coming through anyway.  However I have also noticed that it takes an awful long time for my blog to load up.

A few months after I started this blog I installed a counter on my post to monitor the traffic to each of the post.  After a while I decided to delete the widget because it was not loading properly and I was having some problems loading my blog up properly.

I did not realize that other people were having problems navigating into my blog too.

With the help from the blogging forum, I believe the problem has been fixed.

Thanks for visiting my blog and do let me know if the problems still persist.


Skyhawk said...

Should be fine now...Cheers

plainjoe said...

loads so much faster now!

William said...

I had a similar problem putting in a code that displays how many people read my post. Removed it after 2 days!

carpe diem said...

Yeah..I am very pleased with myself. I finally managed to solve it all by myself. I have always had to get someone to help me on these stuff.

Koala Express said...

ah now can commento. :)